Windows 8.1 Build 9369 Video Demo Reveals New Modern UI File Manager And More

Yesterday we reported about the newly leaked Windows 8.1 Blue update build 9369. The new build revealed some new features.

  • Under Search tab of Apps settings page, you can now select option to include search suggestions from the web and even you can control the SafeSearch options. For example, you can choose Moderate level to filter adult images and videos but not text from your search results.
  • There is a new trackpad settings which allow you to turn on or off edge gestures and change the scroll direction.
  • New ModernUI file manager which lets you cut/copy/paste, rename, move files.

Source: WinBeta

  • Pookiewood

    So having 2 apps open like that does it make them both completely usable? Say if I was running Jetpack Joyride and Angry birds at the same time (best example I have of true apps at the moment) would both be completely playable at the same time?

    • J A

      If you look at the middle of both apps aka the separator, you will see the three dots that you can grab and drag to the left/right to make one smaller as before so one can work in the larger displayed app.

    • leharmeerak

      this depends on the game itself, some games let u to continue to play even when its snapped, you can even play two games at the same time with the current windows 8 version, for example I just played shuffle party and wordament at the same time (with wordament being snapped)…

  • Forc3

    Wow….Microsoft improved Windows 8 drastically! nice!

    • J A

      Yep. Still working on the Start button.

      • donzebe

        The start button is R.I.P and is not coming back, life moves on.

    • waitingforhaswell

      why do you even need a start button, just drag mouse to corner or hit windows key, dont understand the need for a button! If anything just allow to boot into desktop, and allow metro apps to be opened into windows if that is the users preference! Personally it isnt mine, but to cater for both audiences and until full functionality is added to metro, just allow that!

      • waitingforhaswell

        Sorry replied to wrong comment!

  • Joe_HTH

    None of this matters if Microsoft gives users a way to ignore the Start Menu and Windows Store. When that happens, developers will abandon the metro apps, Windows tablets will have no chance to succeed, and Microsoft will have undone all of their work to make Windows more competitive in a future dominated by tablets and smartphones, because they turned Windows 8 into Windows 7.

    • arrow2010

      The Windows Store UI is crap, so they have to rewrite the whole thing. Then the WinRT API is not competitive with Apple’s Core APIs. So developers have no reason to invest in this platform.

  • Aman Bhullar

    I like the sort options for the apps. No need for start button any more.

  • waitingforHaswell

    They need to scrap the ‘My’ from File names, just needs Documents, Downloads, Media (with sub folders Music Video Pictures), Storage Devices should be accessible at the top where it says This PC…

  • tomakali

    wish, microsoft sets the metro UI start screen as default desktop
    and add another new start screen over it. people will get used to it.

    instead of desktop icons, its just going to be live tiles thats it.

  • kalval

    Looks like a decent set of improvements for <1 year after windows 8 release. Though I wish Microsoft would reconsider adding notification centres for windows 8 and WP, it is quite annoying when you miss those toasts.

  • JAM

    Stop wasting you time on Modern UI. Modern UI is a flop. Restore Windows to it’s classic glory including Aero and start working on separate mobile OS that is as beautifull as iOS and more open than Android. You wasting your time on the dead, ugly abomination that will not win. Bring back beautifull, colorfull menus and icons back to Office and to Visual Studio. You are destroying your legacy. Who did you hired to your artistic departament ? 6 yr olds or something ?