Windows 8.1 Build 9385 Leaked

Windows 8 Build 9385

Windows 8.1 build leaks continues. Yesterday, a new Windows 8.2 build 9385 got leaked on the web. So far only images of the build running on a PC is public, and expect the ISO on P2P networks in next few days. Windows 8.1 is expected to have Start Button back in the task bar and so far we have not seen any references about it in the leaked builds.

Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8.1 preview at BUILD conference which is scheduled to happen in late June.

via: PCBeta

  • How_delightful

    Will it still wreck your files when you try and update from windows 7?

    • Frank de Boer

      Nope :)

      • How_delightful

        Bully for you.

    • k00k

      Have done 4 upgrades without issues myself :/ but do yourself a favor and remove some of the crap before you go and dive in .. I would as I also did with every other iteration of windows was to just buy a cheap hard drive .. install fresh on that and dual boot until you are comfortable on the new OS.

      • How_delightful

        If time is given twice I will remove the crap.

      • grs_dev

        Paranoia is very personal thing.

    • Pookiewood

      That didn’t happen to my desktop or laptop.

      • How_delightful

        How nice for you.
        I bet win 7 never crashed once for you also.
        Whereas other people have `issues`; so many millions of us that Windows software and computer sales are going down the pan..

        • Pookiewood

          People have issues with everything. What’s your point?

          • How_delightful

            What was the point of you responding then?

    • Johan Spånberg

      When was this supposed to happen? Hasn’t happened on close to 20 upgrades for me.

      • How_delightful

        lucky you.

        • Johan Spånberg

          Nope, never heard anyone having that problem.. Must be extremly rare.

  • BogenDorpher

    This build has not leaked… you are spreading false information

  • khingjay

    Why would they bring the Start Button back? Wouldn’t that be going backwards instead of forwards. I would like to see them add a start bar or something similar to a miniature version of the start screen.

  • David E Nation Sr

    showing pics isn’t a leak..anyone can make those..a leak is the os it’s self

  • David E Nation Sr

    this build will be leaked tomorrow