Windows 8.1 Build 9471 Shown In Action, Reveals New Improvements(Video)

Yesterday, Windows 8.1 build 9471 x64 got leaked on the web. As expected, this new build has got several improvements over the past builds we saw.

  • Motion accents/animated start screen backgrounds now available.
  • Updated mail app with drag and drop support and more.
  • Updated People hub with some new UI.
  • Updated Xbox Video app
  • Apps now has hint to show users about availability of Apps bar.
  • New Helps+Tips app
  • Assigned Access feature is back.
  • SkyDrive storage location can be changed on your PC.



  • Otto Gunter

    “SkyDrive storage location can be changed on your PC.” Yahoo, now all of us with ssd drives can install Win 8.1 too, right to the d: drive for me…

  • Yuan Taizong

    I was surprised that the Help+Tips app wasn’t in Windows 8 from the beginning, there’s always been a getting started since M.S. D.O.S. and it is in my Windows Phone 7.8, when I saw the icon I immediately thought it was already in the system, it’s easy to confuse Windows and Windows Phone these days.