Windows 8.1 Reading List Feature Shown In Pictures

One of the frequently requested feature to Microsoft regarding web browsing experience is a bookmarking feature. Microsoft has responded to it with the new Windows 8.1 Reading List feature. It allows you to save all the interesting things you find online or any other app to access it later. When you want to save it for later, go to Share button in the Charms Bar and select the Reading List option. These items will be synced across Windows devices including Windows Phones. It’s a beautiful app and you can see it action from the photos below.
Windows 8.1 Reading List 1 Windows 8.1 Reading List 2 Windows 8.1 Reading List 3 Windows 8.1 Reading List 4

Source: WinChina

  • jack frost

    love this feature.

  • TWPandora

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait for it.

  • Adriel D. Mingo

    Functional and beautiful. Now I’m looking forward to WP8.1 as well so it can all come together!

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Thank you Microsoft,

  • Marcello

    Does it only work with Explorer? I can’t seem to add items to Reading List from Firefox.