Windows 8.1 RTM Screenshots

Win8China has posted some screenshots of Windows 8.1 RTM (build 9600). Everything pretty much looks as expected. It’s only a matter of time until the full build leaks now that it is in the hands of the OEMs.  Windows 8.1 will be officially released October 18 and as a free upgrade from the Windows Store on October 17th.  The OS hit RTM just a few days ago.

windows 8.1 rtm 2000
windows 8.1 rtm 2001
windows 8.1 rtm 2002
windows 8.1 rtm 2003
windows 8.1 rtm 2004

Source: Win8China

  • BeefNeeg

    I cant read it. it’s all in un-gah language. Useless. Fail.

    • Jeff Hung

      The first screen is identical to what you can see in Control PanelSystem and SecuritySystem except the removal of “performance information and tools”. The second screen says “Applications > sort by name”. I don’t think you need to learn Chinese to know the rest.
      It’s true that these screenshots don’t provide much new stuff we didn’t know about 8.1.

  • Bugbog

    Given that MS provide continuous updates to the Surface RT already, wouldn’t it be nice for them to just release it to their Surface users now?!

    • techymexican

      What I wonder is if Windows 8.1 RT has hit RTM. Another thing to consider is that most apps are not fully ready for Windows 8.1. The One Note app that Microsoft makes is not very consistent, the xbox music is awesome now but there are portions that are not complete.

    • Rico Alexander

      Probably would piss off other OEMs.

      • Bugbog

        That’s the best thing. What Other OEM’s are there for RT??

        • Rico Alexander

          Haha, good point but probably will piss off the win8 OEM who don’t want to compete with RT.

          • Bugbog

            That’s just too bad. They don’t care about it, so we don’t care about them!

            They’ve done just about everything to trash the O.S., except place it on a flag and burn it in the streets!

            The only OEM that promoted their RT device, even just a little (and by that I mean online promo stuff) was Lenovo. None of the other OEM’s even made the modicum of effort, other than releasing an uninspired high priced device.

          • Asgard

            I have both Surfaces and I can tell that RT is actually better in a tablet. Surface RT is lighter, thinner, does not make any noise, does not heat up and the OS takes less space. It has desktop and all legacy control panels, file management and so on.
            Support for legacy apps in desktop is not really needed, because using them in Pro is horrible, even if the device is fast enough to run anything. If Surface RT was just a little faster device, it would be great and nobody would miss Pro.

          • Bugbog

            You’re preaching to the choir m’man! :) I had the Acer W500 (during the preview stage) before obtaining my Surface RT.

            So I know (definitively) that I do not want, or need, a pro device! Legacy apps on a 10″ screen (without touch functionality) are Useless! They serve no purpose other than for masochists to prove that they can do anything they desire with their “full” tablets.

            If of course they wish to use it with a mouse and keyboard, that’s another matter, and good luck to them.

            But for a pure tablet? RT.All.The.Way!!

  • Maminiaina R.

    I wish they would redesign explorer to be more like office 2013