Windows 8.1 Screenshots Emerge, Reveals New Start Button


We reported earlier on how the Start Button might work in Windows 8.1. Paul Thurrott has posted images of how the start button looks in current internal builds. It is largely as expected. The start button will be on by default on Windows 8.1, but will can be turned off by users who do not want it.  The start button will look very similar  to the one in the charms bar, but will not be visible until the user moves the mouse down to the lower left corner.   Users will also be able to configure what the button can open, either the normal Metro Home Screen, or the “All Apps” view instead.


See Thurrott’s full post where he has more screenshots including one of desktop wallpaper on the Start Screen.

  • Otto Gunter

    I’d love to be able to open “modern” apps in a window on my desktop, not as a full-screen app, so I can easily multi-task (ok, actually, play games and watch my email). ModernMix lets me do that, but I’d prefer native support. I’ve heard lots of news about the Start Button (non-issue for me), and boot to desktop (ditto, let’s move on people, its not 1993), but haven’t read anything about being able to window my apps. Anyone know?

    • redtidal

      You can use screen resize, I often have app (like twitter or news feed) on the side, with Desktop open for the large area.

      I do wish I could do half-screen split.

    • tony

      or you can use multiple monitor… having emails in your secondary monitor and your game in the main one… full screen both!! exactly what I have right now!!!

    • frankwick

      This guy asked for the same thing (plus a start button). I agree. If users could place metro apps on the desktop then I think they would sell more of the apps.

      • Otto Gunter

        +1 Good read, bang on. Nice to have something well thought out as opposed to the regurgitated hysterical stuff from blogs written on iPads…

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      ehmm in 8.1 depending on your screen resolution you can run more than 2 apps at a time, 4 its the max i have seen…
      I know everyone want different things but why would you want to run win8 apps in desktop when you can only focus one thing at a time? also if you put win8 apps in a desktop im sure you would cover them or if you resize your active window to see the win8 app, well… you can just use Windows8 normally and put the App next to the desktop and use both, just like like win8.0, of course 8.1 allows you to run 2+ apps next to desktop and resize them and yes, you can keep using desktop and no more useless desktop pinned to left/right of a win8 App.

    • DW

      Totally agree. If you open an app in the Desktop, it shouldn’t open full-screen modern. It’s just annoying. Changing the file associations to use different programs isn’t the answer either.

    • dBomber

      The concept that modern apps don’t allow you to multitask is wrong.
      They can snap and not be full screen. Also 8.1 update will allow you to snap multiple apps side by side .

      I prefer the snap implementation vs Windowed implementation in desktop UI specially for multitasking as snapping actually forces to app to change its UI to fit the snap aspect ratio vs windowing just leaves the app with two horrible scroll bars to scroll thru.

      BTW : I can play hydro thunder and read my email at the same time without having to window them and then end up with horrible unmanageable scroll bars.

    • kalval

      Completely agree. This would get rid of the jarring disparity between the interfaces on a desktop pc. The fact is that having 2 multitask bars (the metro one on the left and the desktop start bar down the bottom) is counterproductive for desktop users. For tablet users it makes sense because the idea with tablets is that the user sticks to the new interface until they want to run legacy apps, in which case they switch into the old interface.

      For a desktop user with a mouse there is no advantage in using the new interface over the old, and in some situations there is a disadvantage, in that there is less customisability in arrangement of windows and in the switching between them. It would be a good idea to allow desktop users to remain in the desktop interface rather than forcing them to adapt to a completely new way of app-switching and interacting with the app every time they switch between desktop and metro interfaces.

      There are plenty of great metro apps out there and the best way to make these more popular is to allow users to run them in the interface they want. Microsoft could even allow developers to create apps that have 2 interfaces, one for the desktop and one for metro (obviously most developers would create just the one, in which case you just get the same interface whether you run it in desktop or metro mode).

      So far MS has done a great job in pulling tablet and pc together with the same OS. I think the next evolution of that is more customisability in how the user interacts with that OS, allowing them to choose to run everything on desktop, everything in metro, or a combination of the 2. For PC users customisation is key, no point in forcing users into one way or the other, that is a good way to lose market share.

  • jeff

    just give users the choice :)

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    uglyyyy and useles waste of space

    • frankwick

      Tell my 6000 users that the start button is a waste of space. These are not technical people and have been trained to use Windows with a start menu. Millions of dollars have been invested.

      • M H

        They somehow managed to adapt to the multiple levels of learning required to adapt to the ribbon interface. One button is going to make them lose their mind?

      • Emi Cyberschreiber

        the button is IN THE SAME PLACE.

        it was easier and better just to make something so they would know it was there, and you dont even need to see the “button” you only click i the corner and ready.

        well maybe Microsoft should bring xp menu and button no? because some people get confused about vista/7 start menu, so why no bring old stuff, and 3.1 and dos stuff, and start “Windows.exe” because you know i miss dos and i want to start like 25 years ago…

        why are we even using bluray in Xbox one? why dont we go to cartridge once again? because im sure some poeople miss old cartridge!
        yeah right… if you cant adapt keep bringing old stuff. thats the best idea /s
        its not like finding the button was a big deal anyway, it was just better to explain when you first started how to use it. and im sure it would have solved all this trouble of idiots who cant even try to move their mouse around and they are like “oh I don’t see it it isn’t there so I wont move the mouse” like those stupid videos in youtube about retarded people not even moving their mouse.

        • Bugbog

          I can see you’re quite worked up about this! 😀 I feel you. I know, from actual personal experience, that some of the very vocal critics (calling W8 a mess!) do not, (and have not), looked at a tutorial for using Windows 8, despite OEM’s bundling [well made] demo’s with their new PC’s! (Who’d a thunk it?!)

      • Emi Cyberschreiber

        oh and I forgot to say… whatever you say it doesn’t change how adding the button is stupid and how the button is useless waste of space and it look UGLY. and its turned on BY DEFAULT. so I have to turn the thing off in all computers in my house because retarded people cant even learn how to use the button which is there only hidden because there was a point before, consistency with win8 apps which cant have the desktop button.

        • disqustingtard

          Fuck the retards.

      • grs_dev

        @frankwick:disqus NO! I am not going to do your job for you. If you can’t help your handful of users through a simple transition than you are not doing a good job. I already explained in my previous post how the Start button never went anywhere. Now you need to educate your users about that…

    • grs_dev

      not only is the start button PRESENT.

      1. It’s a physical button on every touch device.
      2. It’s a physical button on every keyboard since oh 1995?
      3. It’s a soft button on the right hand charms strip.
      4. It’s a soft button that automatically appears at the bottom left hand corner of every screen regardless of resolution.

      I guess the masses needed one more fucking button that is staring them in the face 24 x 7. What a fucking waste!

      I am very disappointed.

      • jvs

        5. Ctrl + Esc (for those with a keyboard pre-1995).
        I can see stupid people… And they are everywhere!

  • Pookiewood

    They can bring it back for the people who ABSOLUTELY need it but please keep the cool short that appear when right clicking the Start box currently in W8.

    • grs_dev

      I would much rather have the global search feature in the desktop to be more accessible than to have the stupid start button.

  • DW

    Now they just need to make the Shut Down simpler to find when using a Desktop PC. I’ve worked with a number of seasoned Windows users who can’t find it in Windows 8. I have to keep explaining the many steps to find it. Of course, using a Tablet is different because you don’t tend to shut down the machine much.

    • Bugbog

      I suppose it’s all a matter of thinker vs helpless user. From the moment I saw Windows 8, I wanted it! My first tablet was an Acer W500 on which I loaded the Developer PreviewWin 8; I self-discovered all options within the first 10mins. When the Consumer Preview rolled along, one of the first things I discovered (within 5mins of installation!) was the multi-tasking preview pane on the left.

      I didn’t require any tutorial to figure them out. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t watch any thereafter to see if there was anything more!

      Most people are just LAZY! And, based on first-hand experience, most of the main critics that claim not to be able to do (or find) anything on the system haven’t even BOTHERED to look up any tutorials or quick demo videos! (I would bet real money on this!).

      Some people are just duuuuummb!!

    • tomakali

      so how hard is it to find a power button?
      press the damn button…
      the power button will do its work

  • tomakali

    Microsodt should ship one pistol along with windows in future…
    if anyone cant find a damn button or pissed for whatever reason…
    open the manual on how to operate the pistol…
    shoot yourself… Warning! theres no problem with your computer so kindly dont shoot the computer but make sure you shoot yourself so that the rest of the population in this world can move on, evolve, for better tomorrow.

  • Michael Smith

    To add a Start button without adding a Start Menu and all the functionality that comes with the Start Menu such as the Jump Lists and more is simply STUPID!!!! Are the people at Microsoft a bunch of idiots or what to have done such a mistake?!!!

    Yes for the Start button but Microsoft must have it work EXACTLY AS IT WORKED IN WINDOWS 7. That is it must have the Start Menu fully with the Jump Lists and everything else such as the “Search programs and files” field, access to All Programs, and so on. Exactly the way it works with Windows 7.