Windows 8.1 To Feature Automatic App Updates In Windows Store

MovieMoments Windows 8 Automatic Update

It seems that Windows 8.1 will come with the ability to automatically update apps in Windows Store in the background. In the current Windows 8, user has to go to Windows Store and update the apps, but enabling auto-updates will further simplify the user experience. Google Android OS already has this similar feature where user can give permission for an app to automatically update when it is available. Recently, the Movie Moments app in Windows 8.1 build got updated automatically without user’s consent.

Here is the observation from winbeta,

After further investigation, in the Windows Update “installation history,” it shows “Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following update: Microsoft.MovieMoments.”

Not only was that the only app that was updated, but apps by the names of “PlayReady Client”, “VCLibs Preview Internal” and “WinJS 2.0 Preview Internal” are also updated, and have version numbers ranging from 6.3.9345 to 6.3.9391.

Source: Winbeta via: BetaArchive

  • Nick

    This is already possible in: Windows 8 (version 6.2) build 9200

    • leharmeerak

      Can you tell us how???

    • Sean Foley

      You talking about app updates right? not windows system updates.

      • Nick

        Automatic App updates in the background. Correct.

  • Martin Spierings

    Finally. I really hope the next update for Win8 and WP8 will bring automatic updates. I don’t mind updating it manually but doing it automaticcally is much better. I only hope that they also let the user know something has been updated and i’m guessing you need a notificationcenter for that.

  • Ryan T

    Well currently APP updates are not listed in the Windows Update installation history. This must just be a temporary practice for the beta software. Windows Store apps are sandboxed from the desktop, system updates however can affect both areas and are logged in the Windows Update installation history.

  • gm76

    In the current release of Windows 8, there is a setting in the Store app named “Automatically download updates for my apps”. Is this the same thing, or does it still require user interaction to install the app?