Windows 8.1 Update 1 Leaks…Sort Of

We reported earlier this week that Microsoft had finalized Windows 8.1 Update 1.  The update is likely to be officially unveiled at the Build Conference in early April but the Redmond software giant has given no official date for a release.  Most of the features in the release have been known from earlier leaks for some time now.

Links to download the final updates through Windows Update have been discovered.  The updates can be downloaded via a registry change or directly downloading the patches. (Update: it appears the registry hack does not work anymore) It appears that these links are intended for internal Microsoft employees have been testing or “dogfooding” Windows 8.1 Update 1.

KB2919442: 32-Bit – 64-Bit – ARM

*KB2939087: 32-Bit 64-Bit – ARM

KB2919355: 32-Bit – 64-Bit – ARM

KB2932046: 32-Bit – 64-Bit – ARM

*KB2938439: 32-Bit – 64-Bit – ARM

KB2937592: 32-Bit – 64-Bit – ARM

The files above with an asterisk (*) are optional.  The correct order to install the files after they are downloaded is as follows: (fyi restart after installing each individual update)

1 KB2919442 Preparation Update
2 KB2939087 Preparation Update
3 KB2919355 Update 1 done
4 KB2932046 Supplement File
5 KB2938439
6 KB2937592

Some of the changes in Windows 8.1 Update 1 include options to show Windows 8 apps on the desktop taskbar, the ability to see show the desktop taskbar above Windows 8-style apps, and a new title bar at the top of Windows 8 apps with options to minimize, close, or snap apps.  Microsoft has also added a shutdown and search button to the start screen.

I have installed Windows 8.1 Update 1 myself following the instructions above, it’s a fairly straightforward if not slightly time consuming process. But I ran into no problems and everything is working fine on my end.  Let us know how you like Windows 8.1 Update 1 in the comments below.

I would recommend waiting until the official release, but hell I have not even followed my own advice :p

Source: MyDigitalLife Forums via The Verge

We will have a mini-review of Windows 8.1 Update in the coming days.

  • Devin

    3 KB2919355 Update 1 done – File has been pulled from MS servers.

    • Emi the Strange

      get it from wzor torrent you can see it in the pastebin file, also it only includes the necessary updates not the asterisk ones.

      • soder

        The ARM files are missing from the wzor site :(

      • Mikado_Wu

        Ok, ignorant here, How do you use his Magnet links?

  • Emi the Strange

    going by Wzor instructions you dont need to install the asterisk updates… and I would believe at him since he knows more. the other updates in asterisk just appeared with the registry hack, but are not necessary.

  • fallenprogrammr

    The Wzor instructions have magnet links which both point to the x86 download and not the x64 one.

  • robertwade

    Okay, I’ve installed it. Now, how can I TURN ALL THIS STUPID CRAP OFF and go BACK the Start screen working the way it did before? There’s got to be some registry entries. I turned off what I could via the Task bar settings, but I HATE all the idiotic pop-up menus when I right-click on the Start screen.

    • Emi the Strange

      you cant… simple as that, now thats how it works for mouse and keyboard. which I think is silly since before you had an universal way of accessing the same options, always on the bottom of the screen…
      but you know, people complain and Microsoft have to do it, even if people dont like the change. double edge sword, but we will get used to the silly popup menu.

      • robertwade

        No, that is unacceptable. Painfully, I’ve been tracking down a lot of the settings to put things back the way THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO BE, but I haven’t found everything yet. There has GOT to be a way to change the registry to act as if my machines all have touch screens. I want to turn all this ridiculous garbage off. I just want to smack all the people who pushed for these changes around. Or tell them all to get a Mac.

        • soder

          Can you share some screenshots? I am curious about this new f*ckup that MS put into the product. We all know, it ALWAYS has to be something PITA, its the consumer-society ingredient, to always deliver non-100% perfect product. There always has to be a painful 5% that will itch like red pepper poured into your eyes, so you will be forced to buy the “next thing” whatever it is.

      • Prayaas

        I can’t believe people did this to Microsoft and they listened. The taskbar on the Start Screen looks like “rainmeter with Windows 8 theme” on Windows 7.

    • Andy

      It’s the future, get used to it. Why are people so negative about change? Embrace it. Accept it. Move on….

      • Guest

        Or don’t and find another OS that works better for you…

      • robertwade

        No, THIS was not the future. THIS was a capitulation for those who insist on going backward.

  • Socius

    Installed on surface pro 2. 2 things noticeable immediately. Touch pen interaction with task bar items is wonky/broken. New keyboard styles available including the split-apart style from the ipad, as well as a full 100% keyboard clone, and a handwriting recognition pad. The main issue with the keyboard is still there. There is no easy access to keys. They should have just added the number keys on top of the regular keyboard. That hasn’t been done unfortunately. And makes it hard for me to enter some passwords when using the on-screen keyboard. Though with how absolutely amazing the type cover 2 is, I try to use it whenever I can.

    • rob

      Those keyboard styles have always been there.

      • Socius

        Double checked it with another Windows 8.1` tablet I have, and the Full Virtual Keyboard is not present as an option. I’m pretty darn sure it’s new.

        • Prayaas

          But the Split Thing’s been there since Windows 8.

      • Socius

        Picture I took (keyboard didn’t show in screencapture)

        • GG002

          That’s been there before.. but you needed to activate it yourself in Metro settings :) Perhaps in 8.1U1 or the RTM that it’s activated by default. I still have W8.1 without U1, and I can see the same keyboard.
          PC & Devices > Typing > activate alternative keyboard
          (sorry, for some reason both unedited and edited screenshot got here. Check the bottom one)

  • Bruce Wang

    Nothing too much new, but the updated details are really useful. I realized that I don’t need to signoff & signin again for changing display scale, it’s good if you are using a super high resolution screen, i.e. QHD. Seems Microsoft is moving Windows 8 slowly but solidly to the perfection. Keep up.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Exactly, something patience is just all you need to have, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Android, nor Windows 95, Microsoft is doing the best they can to make this the best O.S. (which it already it :-P) 😀

      • LexicoRed

        Why do anyone need to have patience? Specially when many if these “changes” are not improvement but fixes of mistakes they got wrong with W8.

        Fans of MSFT need to demand products to be GREAT from the start, not to give the company patience as the try 3 or 4 times to get it right.

        The company’s, and this poster’s attitude that they can put out inferior products, then take the next few years to making incrementally better and the customer won’t find alternative is exactly the attitude why the MSFT is now so behind in mobile.

  • José Manuel Nieto

    I don’t know it it has to do with the update, but after upgrading I started my connection is LIMITED! The strange thing is that classic desktop apps have access to Internet, while the Modern Apps can not. I have even reinstalled the Ethernet drivers and reconfigured the connection. No luck.

  • WinMetro

    Thank you Satya Nadella for sending Tami Reller back to the kitchen!

  • Utkarsh

    KB2937592 is not downloading …. can you please help me … ?