Windows 8.1 Update Now Available, Download It Now

Windows 8.1 Update 1
As reported previously, Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 Update to users via Windows Update. This update will bring improvements to keyboard and mouse users to experience Windows 8 better on non-touch device.

Read about features the features in the links provided at the end of this post.


Just go to the below link and you can easily download all the required updates.

Windows 8.1 Update for x86 (KB2919355)

Windows 8.1 Update for x64 (KB2919355

Download it from the following links:

Windows 8.1 x86

kb2919442   (you may already have this installed).​

Windows 8.1 x64

kb2919442   (you may already have this installed).​

Windows RT 8.1  ARM

kb2919442   (you may already have this installed).​

The Updates must be installed in the following order:

  1. KB2919442  (you may already have this installed).
  2. KB2919355
  3. KB2932046
  4. KB2937592
  5. KB2938439
  6. KB2939087

These updates may not be available for your region yet, wait and try after sometime.

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  • Trance

    Don’t see the updates

  • goranwik

    Nothing here in Sweden yet!

    • Denis Jelec

      I can confirm that.

      • Erik

        works for me :)

        • Denis Jelec

          Received the main update about half an hour ago. 😀

    • tofferne

      Okay in DK

  • Philippe Wechsler

    Nothing over here in Switzerland

  • Vikas

    Nothing in Australia.

  • Supergt1995

    Nothing in UK, London

  • Vikas

    This is a joke….I am gonna hit 9th of April here.

    • TryllZ

      I don’t know if you tried it, but you need to install KB2919442 and restart the PC so you can see the updated of size 887MB

  • Sérgio Aragão Kopplin

    Windows 8.1 x64 kb2939087 – broken link


      search in Google: Update for Windows 8.1 (KB2939087) and go to Microsoft’s site

      • tiqitoq

        you can also search in bing, or ask. not just google! LOL!

        • Christopher Suiters

          Screw Bing

          • The Gorn

            I was like you until I forced myself to use Bing for several months. It is pretty good if you actually try it. I use it by default now.

          • Bugbog

            I don’t know why people are fixated on using Google (unless they have additional G apps to link them to), as Once I decided not use Google 3years I haven’t looked back.

            On a purely search basis there is no downside to using Bing!

          • donzebe

            I have never use google as a default search. Still have to see what makes people to like it.

          • Guest

            I like the travel price prediction feature bing had but they dropped it. :(

          • tofferne

            Bing is great, actually better, but we need from time to time Google.

          • donzebe

            If Bing is not working for me I look for something else not Google

    • tofferne

      Why not use Windows update, I catch it there.
      Really a great update, now people are free to choose, tiles or desktop.

  • Giovanni Antonio Cano

    Nothing in Italy.

  • Luis E.

    Nothing in Peru, South America

  • Allan Cantillo

    I guess it should appear automatically in the updates of the system, but it is not happening now.

  • Shawn

    Nothing in Canada yet.

  • Viish

    Nothing in France either…

    • Beugré Jean-Augustin

      You can just download all these files and install them (Tu peux juste télécharger les fichier dans l’articles et les intaller ça sera pareil, je viens de le faire en plus :)


    Nothing in UK via Windows Update on Surface Pro…

  • WP

    nothing in INDIA

  • Pookiewood

    DANG! I knew I was supposed to bring my DV8P to work today for a reason.

  • Bruce

    Your files list is outdated.



    Install order is important.

    Before you install this update you need to have KB2919442 installed:

    Windows 8.1 Update, Correct install order:

    1. KB2919355
    2. KB2932046
    3. KB2937592
    4. KB2938439
    5. KB2934018

    • Saksham

      Can you confirm whether i’d get the same updates via windows update too ?
      I suppose yes, but then why are you giving the links here ? Do you mean that we can just download the files from the given links and install them, and that’d be equivalent to the official update via windows update ?

      • Beugré Jean-Augustin

        Yes you can just download the files and install them it will be the same. I just did it :)

      • Bruce

        The files are the same. Windows update has a few additional files but they’re just regular updates I think. I posted the links because the article is missing one of the files, because they weren’t on WU at the time, and because someone might want to download them. Plus, if you are updating an offline image or updating under audit mode you can’t use Windows Update.

    • poken1151

      For some reason I just can’t get KB2919355 to install. Always stuck on installing update with no progress

  • AeroSmash

    Available here in Chile :D!

  • Ronit Bhattacharjee

    I hope it also comes to 8.1 Enterprise via Windows Update. Was massively disappointed when the 8 to 8.1 update didn’t come via Windows Update and had to rebuild my office laptop with 8.1

    • Bruce

      You could’ve downloaded the iso and updated using a DVD or flash drive. It’s the same thing except you wouldn’t get to keep your activated status because enterprise didn’t get free upgrade.

      You will get this update thought windows update though because this update is more like a service pack than a new OS like 8.1.

      • Ronit Bhattacharjee

        Unfortunately, our company doesn’t look lightly on running non company-standard Windows builds.
        You’re right, since this one is via Windows Update, I should get it on my office laptop, no problems.

        • Sadjad Bahmanpour

          I have Enterprise Edition, and went through standard Windows Update check right now, got all the updates (actually right now it is downloading the 887.6MB one) needed to search and install and restart once and again search for update and install and restart

          P.S I’m in Pacific Time

        • Bruce

          If you had updated through the store you wouldn’t be running a “company-standard build” either. The store upgrade process works in the same way as the ‘in-place upgrade’ that you do when you have an installation media except it also downloads the installation files for you. When you upgrade using an installation media you also get to keep your installed programs, drivers, files, etc.

  • Manolo Beiramar

    nothing in Brazil

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    Nothing in Greece

  • john

    still nothing here in greece!its 7:00pm…

  • jvs

    Nothing in Canada yet.

  • panagiώtis

    i had the update since the files leaked so i can manage to install only the KB2934018

  • Mikado_Wu

    Nothing in the US.

  • John

    I’m not seeing either…..:-(


    I’ve been checking Windows Update on my computers throughout the morning and the update is now available in the States, at least in my time zone (12:50 P.M. MST). Both for Windows 8.1 and RT! For the former, it’s a 485 MB download (less for the latter) so it’s still downloading for me.

    Listed in the update list for my Surface was “Windows 8.1 RT Update” and “Update for Windows 8.1 RT.” Only the former was checked by default, but I checked the other one too. (Or maybe it was vice-versa…)


      Took 1.5 hours to download (12 Mbps connection) and install on my PC. Works great. Definitely is a little easier to close apps with mouse now even though the old “dunk” way did not bother me.
      Surface RT is still installing update 2.5 hours later after I initiated the process.

  • tofferne

    Thank you Microsoft, you are on the right track again, really a great update.
    Now it’s also more useful for business, those who want to change from XP can better choose 8.1, because a lot will choose the desktop.
    For my self the Metro edition is great and very useful on my stationary PC – mouse, but I understand very well people who like and want the old way with the desktop.
    We look forward to the next great update – and now it goes quick, don’t sit and sleep :)

  • Luis Fernando Castillo Mata

    Successfully downloaded and installed, Central America, Costa Rica

  • NGM123

    Got it but can’t see anything different??
    Recently bought 2 Surface touch pads new that don’t work, was hoping this update may have fixed the issue but no such luck, 2 dead touch pads , grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • tofferne

      Sounds strange – Surface 2 Works well without the update, and even better with the new update. Please describe your problems, could be nice to know and maybe a great help for other people.

  • Joe Schmoe

    So…Did we get the start menu back??

  • Hachinto

    improvment for closing apps from start…..when i use one or more apps, i closed, but i open task manager and i closed from there those apps….. the x button on closing apps, is a joke, still needet one update for fix that…

  • Confused reader

    Stupid instruction… please describe the whole f*cking steps

  • Avery Megan

    I own this.