Windows 8.1 Update Now Available For Download From Windows Store

Windows 8.1 Update DownloadAs expected, Microsoft today released their first major update for Windows 8 named Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 update is now available for download from Windows Store. The update is free for anyone with Windows 8 OS installed and it is applicable for Windows RT users too.

Apart from the under the hood and UX improvements, Windows 8.1 will have the following features.

  • Bing Smart Search: A single search now brings you results from your PC, your apps, and the web. See results in a clean, graphic view that lets you take immediate action and launch apps. Search, click, do. Find a song and start playing it, or find a video and watch it right away. Powered by Bing.
  • New Apps in Windows Store:  You’ll notice that the Windows Store has a new look which makes it easier to discover and download new apps. And the apps that are included with Windows 8.1 Preview let you do a bunch of cool things. For example, with Reading List you can save articles and stories across apps and devices, and the updated Photos app gives you fast and fun editing.
  • Lockscreen Slideshows:  Set up a slide show on your lock screen by picking your favorite pictures. Arrange the stuff on your Start screen so it’s just the way you want it. Choose from more tile sizes, more colors, and more backgrounds—including animated backgrounds.
  • Built-in SkyDrive: SkyDrive is now the default location for saving documents. So you always have your files wherever you go, even when you’re offline. And with the included SkyDrive app, you can manage both local files and SkyDrive files in one place.
  • Updated IE11: When you get Windows 8.1 Preview, you also get to check out the new Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 Preview is built for touch, with faster load times, a full-screen experience that includes side-by-side browsing of your sites, and real-time info delivered on your Start screen through live tiles for your favorite sites.

If you don’t own a Windows 8 PC for free upgrade to Windows 8.1, then you can order Windows 8.1 here from Amazon. It is a full version of Windows 8.1 OS and you can install it on your desired PC you already own.

If you are a consumer with a Windows 8 device, you can now download the free update to Windows 8.1 online through the Windows Store*. Please visit for everything you need to know including how to get the update for your Windows 8 device. If you are a consumer on a device running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or the Windows 8.1 Preview – this page on will detect your OS and provide you with all the information you need in order to get Windows 8.1 on your device. I also highly recommend reading our FAQ which answers many of the most common questions about getting Windows 8.1.

  • Sri

    I have a Win 8 PC and I downloaded the update but it failed to update. It just failed with a message that the PC could not be upgraded to 8.1 and that it was reverted back to the original OS. It does not even say why it failed.

    • Beugré Jean-Augustin

      You downloaded it from the Windows Store ?

      • Sri

        Yes I did. Had the link right on the home page of the Windows Store. It downloaded around 3.2 GB.

        • IB

          typical Microsoft problem :(

    • Mike366

      maybe report to MS with your PC model?

    • Bloob

      Same issue :(

    • GG002

      I (my family) have 2 Windows 8 PCs and 3 Surface RT tablets, and all of them have installed Win8.1(RT). So possibly it’s something strange with your PC and/or Windows copy?

      • Sri

        My Surface RT Updated fine. It is only my PC. If something is wrong with the PC the Installer should try to specify what the issue is and not just exit out of the installation saying it cannot be done. This way we will never be able to fix the issue that is stopping me from upgrading my PC.

        • Bugbog

          Just had a total freeze on my Surface RT whilst surfing! (only a couple of hours after the update. Let’s hope that that is just an anomally)

          • GG002

            My Touch Cover was acting strange the first few hours, but now it’s fine.. dunno what was happening

  • Vincent Haakmat

    I thought the normal update would be the way for Pro.. I can’t access the store at my work, at least, not install new programs, only updates to current ones

  • Mike366

    updating to 8.1 pro! I would have installed the preview if the preview for x86 didn’t need a full install to update to final release.

  • Zicoz

    Can anyone confirm that it’s available for Enterprise edition as well?

  • Ziggy

    Can somebody please tell me what about installed pc programs and games? Do I have to install the all over again or are they untouched and running out of the box after upgrading? I’m downloading the the upgrade from the stor now and I wonder if I shuld uninstall tchem from my pc in order to have a smaller “older” folder or if it isn’t necessary at all. Thanks for the answer.

    • nohone

      Did you install the Windows 8.1 preview? If you did not, you will not need to reinstall anything. If you did, then your data files will stay intact but you will need to reinstall the software.

      • Ziggy

        Thank you very much for your answer. I didn’t install the preview though I was thinking about it when it first came out. That’s great news for me! Thank you again.

        • nohone

          No prob, glad to help

  • Tech_Reader

    Can we download the bootable iso file of the windows 8.1?
    I have two PC’s and therefore can’t waste time of waiting for downloads and stuff, also the ISO would be helpful to burn to a dvd and use in case of a re install.

  • tegz

    just got the update. didn’t cost a dime, even though apple said it would cost me $199.