Windows 8 adoption increasing rapidly in Europe, Asia, slower in US

PC optimization software Soluto helps optimise computers for more than 3 million people in 182 countries, and along the way collect a lot of data about their users.

Their stats reveal that Windows 8 is rapidly replacing Windows 7 PCs at a rate higher than it may appear from the US market.

European nations such as Hungary and Portugal are adopting Windows 8 most quickly, with almost 9 percent adoption in Hungary and 5.29 percent in Portugal. China is also moving quickly, with more than 7 percent of Windows users already on Microsoft’s new operating system.

In US however users are upgrading a lot slower, with only 3.4% of users upgrading to Windows 8 in the country.

Those upgrading to Windows 8 are also seeing benefits, with the OS seeing 55% less app crashes and is found to be 84% less frustrating by users.

In terms of device installs,  5% of Windows 8 devices are tablets, up from 2% for Windows 7, 51% desktops and the rest laptops.

Early sales are evenly spread between OEM brands, with HP leading the way:

  1. 16.83% – HP
  2. 14.65% – Dell
  3. 10.71% – Gigabyte
  4. 10.32% – Asus
  5. 8.72% – Acer

Does the news that Windows 8 will increase the stability of your PC and its software encourage our readers to upgrade? Let us know below.


  • xirsteon

    Slow in US because most people here don’t like change especially if the change is not done by Apple. If it’s done by anyone other than the Crappatino boys, it’s a failure. Glad the U.S doesn’t represent the whole world’s opinion afterall.

    • amaurys

      THIS. this this this. Very true my friend. and its sad. That is why when apple releases a feature that has been out for months, that’s when the media notices it the most. But times are changing I can promise you that :)

    • Nitesh Maharaj

      And now with the new iPod touch you get a lanyard that you can wrap around your wrist, ensuring you’ll never drop it. It’s totally revolutionary.

  • Bugbog

    “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..” Windows 8 Rules!!!

    • NegLewis

      Yes they were.

      No. They don’t.
      Yes they will. Tomorrow Maybe.
      But for now, MS has a very big problem with consumer perception.
      The problem is mainly generated by MS. Their own marketing policy.
      Who understand why WP7 was prematurely Born by MS and why WP8 receives all the credits … understand this… the rest… wgaf?

      • Appelflap

        Read the story. Windows 8 is 84% less frustrating. So please stop talking about bad consumer perception

        • AdeptMaven

          No, it says their app on windows 8 is 84% less frustrating, and crashes less often. Says nothing about how the consumers like windows 8 itself. That said I love w8 and hope it does exceptional

        • NegLewis

          In MS World yes… But in iOS and Android worlds MS is becoming obsolete.
          Users want chea devices.
          Programmers do not want to be forced to pay MS for their own Build Apps.
          If you are an Android programmer you will never PAY MS upfront for your own creation just to store your App on a server.
          So… MS has learned some serious lessons… BUT I – as a .Net Dev – I will never develop Apps for MS as long as they keep threat me and my country as a second

          This lessons… need time and penitence.
          Please tell me why I need to pay MS $100 for posting MY free App?

          • Asgardi

            Because of running the marketplace is not free for Microsoft and the small payment keeps complete crap releases out of the marketplace. If your app is worth _anything_ paying $100 should not be a problem.
            Google is loosing money with Android while trying to reach monopoly for their OS and make the profits later. That is better for you or responsible act from Google? Trolololo…
            Please do understand and these companies (was it MS or G) only exists to make money. And in my opinion MS does much more honest business than G.

  • surilamin

    People in the US will hold off buying [new computers] until Black Friday or Christmas time, so the key will be to look at adoption numbers in January 2013.

    • Lewis McCrary

      Yep. Headed into holiday season people are waiting for big sales/deals/etc. I can imagine there’ll be a mini-boom of sales between Thanksgiving (end of November for non u.s. peeps) and Christmas.

  • Oliver

    Any idea what it’s like in the UK? I haven’t seen anyone else with it yet, but have encouraged a couple of friends to upgrade.

    News about the OS is disappointing here. Currys (electronics retailer) had a massive Windows 8 screen outside its Tottenham Court Road (electronics specialist) branch but very few people were checking it out.

    • daniejam

      I have it at home and will be installing it on all peoples pcs who i normally fix when they manage to break!

  • vcfan

    or..or… people in the u.s don’t want to use your shitty software

    • GG002

      Strange, why are they still using iOS and OS X then…

    • amaurys

      I must of missed something. lets boot up my intel core i3 laptop against a MacBook pro. cold start. lets see who wins ;] to call a greatly performance upgrade OS shitty is incorrect. you may not like the start screen but the OS is not shitty.

      • vcfan

        im not talking about windows 8. I love windows 8. im talking about this solute optimization software crap.

  • mrdeezus

    Its not a “Windows 8 suxxor issue” its a products with 8 issue. I have not seen a lot of windows 8 devices in stores, especially tablets that are available now. By black Friday that will change as retailers want to not only move PC’s but peripherals too. Windows 8 encourages the “upgrading” of things like mice, keyboards and to some degree printers which moves products in stores.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    Soluto is in the business of optimizing PC’s (W7 PC’s mostly it seems), which does not account for new W8 tablets and PC’s sales. Their estimations are therefore on the conservative side. This means that the adoption of W8 is even greater than it’s portrait by Soluto. That also the casse for the US. If the adoption rate, on the basis of Soluto’s figures, is higher than W7 adoption, then W8 adoption is already a big succes.

  • Alex F.

    I suspect this might have something to do with piracy rate. It is much easier to decide to upgrade when one doesn’t have to pay for it!

  • Robert Frappier

    Upgraded the day it came out.

  • jeff

    maybe cause its not available yet???

  • w1ngnut

    Too many iFanboys & gFanboys out there!

  • b

    I live in Hungary, almost noone use Win8 here. Most people have Win7 and WinXP. Only recenly sold notebooks have Win8 on it.

    • b

      But people delete it fast.

      • jimski27

        And HP won’t support your new notebook if you do. Win 8 is better and faster. Get used to it.