Windows 8 App Store gets a name, logo

Windows-store-Logo-IconWe already know much about the Windows 8 app store, such as that it will be HTML based, and will be able to sync apps with your Live ID, so any computer will have your apps and setting already installed.

What we did not however know was the name.  That is until mswin found two .dll’s in the leaked Windows 8 build related to the store.

The first is WSSync.dll (Windows Store Licensing Sync Client) and the other WSService.dll (Windows Store Service) with the service describing itself as “Provides infrastructure support for Windows Store. This service is started on demand and if disabled applications bought using Windows Store will not behave correctly.”

Also in MSHelpUI.dll a low-res image of the app store logo was found (enlarged on the right).

The only question left is if the name Windows Store is different enough from the App Store for Apple to let is slide, but I think suing Microsoft for trademark infringement would likely be too much, even for Apple.


  • user

    There’s a reason Apple and MS don’t sue each other, and that’s because both of them infringe on thousands of each others’ patents. The end result would ALWAYS be a settlement and it’s just a waste of time for both companies to go through all of the motions.

    • Anonymous

      no, youre an idiot

      • Anonymous

        not an idiot. actually a good point

  • Drm

    so now nobody can use the word store. laughable. idiot

  • cmwind

    ummm… why not just call it Windows Marketplace? you know, like Xbox Games Marketplace, Zune Music Marketplace, Zune Video Marketplace, Windows Phone Marketplace… oh wait. thats right. that would make too much sense

    • Anonymous

      How about “Microsoft Marketplace” and unify the store across all thier properties. I hope they don’t just limit it to apps and include all sorts of extensions and customizations (ringtones, themes, wallpapers, codecs, ect) in the store for download

  • Codetoglory

    I wish they change the windows logo to for windows 8

    • the-hq

      Epic color choice fail? ugh