Windows 8 App store screen shot leaks confirmed real: Update: Not real


There has been some question whether the earlier leaked images of the Windows 8 app store were real, with many believing  they were mock-ups.

Now new screen shots have emerged (via of the same app store, still sporting its pretty Metro-less look, hacked out of Windows 8 M3 build 7955.

As later builds emerge we will hopefully see this become more refined, and of course it will only be a question of time before Microsoft will need to start asking ISV’s to submit apps to their store, which is now near 100% confirmed.


See more screen shots at

Update: As mentioned by many commenters, it turns out the app store is not from Microsoft and not native after all. Read more here.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like a Vista program. Hope they’re going to fix that.

    • Anonymous

      The UI is usually the last thing to be implemented, so I fully expect this not to look like the final product.

  • cmwind

    they need to decide if they want aero or metro… mashing this shit together doesnt work… my vote is for metro

    • Michael Wallace Louwrens

      Hey, I know others may have stated this above, but remember that this is still not final, take a look at the rest of the OS where you have ribbons mashed everywhere FFS!

      Simply though, they want core functionality first, then they will probably add in the new UI layer that is probably being developed seperately.

      Taking a look at ALL of MS’s new products, Metro is their new design language. Honestly imo, they can’t get it in fast enough, Zune UI was a breath of fresh air, taking it to the whole OS would be like a dream for me ( I like simplicity and typography )

      • cmwind

        yeah… i know its not final but my problem is with the execution. For instance. Look at the IE9 arrow compared to the Zune Arrow. while the two arrows look similar at first glance they are in fact different. the zune arrow is flat at the top most and bottom most points of the arrow. on the ie9 arrow it is pointed all the way to the top and bottom of the arrow. Microsoft-News just posted a new article showing some install screens that have been metro-fied. the problem is the “metro” arrow on there is a now 3rd unique arrow that is rounded like the windows 7 and windows vista arrows. I just dont know why these teams dont share the same batch of images to use across the entire OS and all their software. these minor details might not seem to matter but the problem is when you add up enough of these minor changes the end result will not be the metro that we all know and love from windows phone/zune. it will be some horrific windows 7 aero/windows phone 7 metro mash up

        • cmwind

          sorry for the double post. but i thought of another good example. the win8 logon screen looks alot like the windows phone 7 logon screen but it again is not quite the same. win8 has “AM” or “PM” next to the time of day. the wind phone logon screen does not. now if the win phone team decided we were all smart enough to figure out if it is morning or afternoon then why does the windows team think we are not smart enough… I just believe in consistancy across the platforms. if one team says we should do it this way and can justify why they are doing it that way the other team should follow their lead

          • rsgx

            Dude, get a life – seriously.

  • Meekermoloko

    Yeah, it doesn’t look very original. I do care more about the functionality than the looks, though. Right now, the Zune marketplace isn’t the best for finding apps. There is no sort for Best Reviewed apps, Most Downloaded today/all-time, there are no App reviews for specific versions, etc. You can’t even see which apps you installed on your device without looking on it.

    If they fix those issues and some others, then the visuals can take a backseat. But still … Windows 8 looks a lot like Windows 7, so far … even if they do add in an app marketplace.

    • Dudewhoknows

      Commenting about a UI that is barely developed is idiocy. STFU

      • Meekermoloko

        I’m commenting on the images above, foolish child, and the Zune Marketplace that is out now. Besides, commenting after 8 is finished means we would have to wait until Windows 9 for changes. Better to have these comments during the development period in the very off chance someone reads it who is not you.

  • Sergey Durnov

    Wow, it looks so ugly with these hieroglyphs.

  • ThePro

    Guys, It’s fake, it runs fine on XP, and it is made by a chinese company.

    This is the website for it (loads freaking slow right now)

    I even had the thing running on my PC

  • Xp

    What a rubbish article. That’s no more than the software downloaded from this Chinese site: – nothing to do with Microsoft or Windows 8!

  • Larry