Windows 8 Blue To Bring Start Screen Sync Across PCs


Windows 8 syncs lots of stuff using your Microsoft account. The list includes browser favorites, browsing history, account details, and more. One thing that was missed by many is the start screen sync. You need to arrange, pin tiles when you sign into a new PC. Winsupersite reports that the upcoming Windows Blue build will let you sync color scheme, pinned tiles, their individual sizes, and their arrangement using Microsoft account.

You will  be also able to sync following items,

  • Picture Password
  • File History
  • Input Personalization
  • Explorer Quick Links
  • App Secondary Tiles
  • Tethering
  • Installed Apps

 Source: Winsupersite

  • José Villaró

    If there is one little thing I would like them to let me sync it would be sticky notes :)

    • k00k

      One Note cant do this?

      • José Villaró

        I use one note for some things and it’s cool because I can actually share to my phone but I like to use sticky notes for many others things.
        Sticky notes is way faster and more practical for things I do in my work laptop and would like to share in my nonwork laptop and in which I don’t feel like installing office (and I kind of avoid “metro” apps like the plague, I just hate them for now)
        It’s not about one vs the other, I like both for different reasons and uses and would love a little change in sticky notes, I think If they would let the user change the data file’s location I could share it on skydrive :)

        • krayziehustler

          You don’t have to install office. You can use OneNote via the web.

          • José Villaró

            Yes I am very well aware of that but that is even more inconvenient for what I want. Again, sticky notes is fast to open and use, faster than One Note in any version.

  • James

    Also files I would just love all my files to sync onto my tablet without having to drag and drop etc through skydrive

  • Beezer

    Picture password. FINALLY!

  • jimski27

    Just a reminder. Windows 8 still uses things called programs, and as I assume those won’t be syncing (unless they can figure out how to install licenses on multiple machines) it could make a mess of the Start screen on two synced PCs. Also, I use different apps on my non-touch desktop vs. my touch notebook, so I hope Microsoft does not want to install apps that I don’t want on my particular Start screen. Hope I can toggle this off.