Windows 8 Blue Update Build 9369 Leaked Online


Following the leaks of  Windows Blue 9364 few weeks back, it is time for another build. Windows Blue Build 9369 has leaked online and available for download from p2p networks. We are yet to download and check for new features and updates in Windows 8, if you do before us, please let us know the updates/changes in the comments section below.

Windows Blue Build 9364 revealed following changes/features few weeks back,

  • Internet Explorer 11 with synced tabs
  • New personalization features such as choosing from various accent colors
  • Ability to move group of Live Tiles together
  • Improved PC Settings Page with search and recently/most used settings
  • SkyDrive is now part of PC Settings page where you can manage device backup, etc,.
  • Ability to automatically upload Pictures and videos to SkyDrive based on quality.
  • New apps – Movie Moments, Calculator, Alarm and Voice Recorder
  • Improved Multitasking – New side-by-side snapping of upto 3 apps
  • New Live Tile sizes – Small, Large, etc,.
  • Ability to share your Start screen screenshot through share charm.

See the above build in action here.

  • Samuel

    Pradeep, please check the HTML5 test results of IE11.

  • surilamin

    Even though this is a newly leaked build, this is still a relatively old build, I’m going to hold off until we get something newer.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    I want the real thing! not an unfinished build! 😛
    i cant wait for the new win8 improvements! it was nice to run last leaked versión and see new snap features and such.

  • tomakali

    i wish the start screen replaces the regular desktop with another new start menu over this :)

    also MS should release a free build/service pack to optionally upgrade W7 to W8 for a better adaption

  • Gopi Krishna

    Not exiting features though..