Windows 8 build 7982 reveals new logon transitions



There is a new build of Windows 8 out there, possibly build 7982, and according to the good folks at it features one significant and obvious visual difference to the older builds.

On logon the OS now features a zooming fade-in transition to the desktop, adding a little pizzazz to launching the OS.

Also on Winfuture, for those who actually has a leaked copy of Windows 8, there is now an easy tool to enable hidden features like the webcam, task manager and ribbon interface.

See more screenshots on the forums here.

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  • Sergey Durnov

    If they actually have this build, why not to create good review, instead of showing photo of a screen?

  • Ga Luburt

    Yes this is correct the windows 8 build does have this
    and I see no reason why this review has a still picture