Windows 8 Build 8172 Screenshots Emerges


Everyday we are seeing new screenshots of newer builds of Windows 8. Today has posted few screenshots of Windows 8 Build 8172. The screenshots indicate that the Windows 8 beta is nearing and the product is looking more polished than ever. Also it seems Microsoft has made the decision to keep ribbon in Windows Explorer to be folded by default.

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Pradeep, a Computer Science & Engineering graduate.

  • Anonymous

    Needs WAY more metro, as in Zune Desktop styling… 

    • John Smith

      No… less Metro.  It’s ugly and in no way as usable as the Windows 7 UI.  More of an advertising medium than an operating system.  If they continue along the lines of “Advertise” within my paid for operating system model (that includes XBox as well) then I guess I’m going to look towards Linux or MacOS.  That though makes me cringe, but being pummeled by ads all day is NOT acceptable to me.

      • Anonymous

        Umm no

      • Sir Criticize

        Less of you. Metro is the new deal. The desktop UI will still be available too. 

        • Sable Drakon

          Yes, but the moment you hit the Start button, you’re forced back into Metro. Power users don’t want Metro.

          • Avatar Roku

            I think power users will like Metro apps that can dock to the side of the desktop. Are you really going to complain about having your Twitter feed, sports scores, weather, Facebook updates, stock ticker, music playlist, etc. running next to your classic Windows UI?

            It’s easy to say I have no use for Metro when there are no Metro apps available. When there are a ton of desirable apps for Metro then power users will see it’s utility.

      • Aubron Wood

        Except there’s no sign of any of that in the beta, and Metro is great. Echoing Sir Criticize, less of you.

        • Sable Drakon

          Metro is fine, on a touchscreen. On a desktop or even a notebook, it’s a horrible experience.

      • Avatar Roku

        Have fun finding a job where you can use only Linux all day. Good luck with that.

        I guess you also don’t watch TV, drive on highways, go to the movies, read magazines, or listen to the radio since you can’t handle ads. You must live a really boring sheltered life avoiding ads all day.

        Not that there are actually any ads built into Windows 8 like you’re insinuating.

  • Anonymous

    dislike the new “up button” in the file manager

  • Fabius Engel

    Should intergard Zune in Windows and kill the WMP. People are f***** up off zune ’cause installation but if it’s integrated…

    sorry for bad english, from germany 😉

    • Cshenkle

      english? i think you had some french in there too..

  • Anonymous

    I’m disappointed that they kept this mostly aero interface for the desktop. I would have expected something much more Metro., simple, and quick. I guess we’ll have to see what they end up doing, but they could still redesign the desktop’s interface at least, although I must say I do like the ribbon.

    • Sir Criticize

      I think they still will, this should be a placeholder. I hope, at least. 

  • Paul Renda

    Please lets have a consistent metro UI style… I hate hate hate the Aero style!!

    • John Smith

      Personally, I like the Aero look.  The Metro UI looks really gay… and I mean that in the most homosexual way possible.  I would fear becoming gay by using that ugly excuse for a UI they’re trying to push on us.

      • James

        Congratulations on revealing yourself to be an unfunny homophobic moron.

      • Anonymous

        your inner demons are showing

    • Sable Drakon

      As much as I prefer Aero over Metro, I agree. This dual UI design they’re planning for is going to do nothing but confuse people that only want to live in one side of the OS.

  • Michael Cobases

    So far windows 8 looks great, hopefully more sections will be built based on “PC settings” look as it looks absolutely brilliant!

  • Dn Bianco
  • Dn Bianco

    My Concept!

    • Anonymous

      that is beautiful they should have that instead of the current explorer

    • Mousa Marwan

      Looks really good man …

    • Anonymous

      You should tweet that pic to some of the MS folks.  Or email it.  Seriously that’s very nice.

    • Anon

      I would prefer for them not to waste time on the platform they are migrating away from

    • Anon

      I would prefer for them not to waste time on the platform they are migrating away from

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, seriously it is really good what you got there.
      This is denifinitely a UI i would like to use.

    • Mark H

      this concept is seriously really good! it lives up to the metro style concept while still reminding us in the “old” windows 7 desktop. they should use it as the main desktop interface.
      can we see more pictures for this concept please?
      excellent work!

  • Owen Iverson

    to quote King Arthur “JESUS CHRIST! RUN AWAY!!”

  • Brad Simons

    As someone who hasn’t used a windows 7 phone, I’m excited to see how they make the metro interface and the old windows environment meld together.

  • Jean La All Chic So

    god I HATE the ribbon, same with the new start menu >.<

  • Anonymous

    I’m a WP7.5 user. I love the metro on my hand held device. Though I’m really not sure that I would like it on my desktop. I really think I’m going to have to play with this beta before I make any move to taking the desktop and laptops over to win8 from 7

  • Demon_i T

    I’ve been beta testing Windows for years, i must say ms have come along way since the early days, yet all os currently out there seem to be copying a simple thing how to make the desktop repilicate a smart phone, in this there are problems, such as the metro apps will not be compatable with any of the android ones, or the oiv store, and really with 30 app most doing the same thing its pointless, at the moment i have win 8 running on 2 machines one has all software and data loaded to and portiable drive and the other has all the same contents loaded in to the os hard drive, and yeah over windows 7 boot time is reduced but once you have all the hardware drivers, software and upades running, try encoding a video and running office with the web browser open, and drifting though the files on the hard drive and you still end up seeing that microsft is way behind apple mac os, the problem with windows is the way it seem to index the file system and run all the drivers for all the hardware at once meaning you can have all the ram and raw data, cpu, and gpu speed you want you still end up with a system prone to crash every once in a while i wil say this my job is to crash windows and see how hard it is for the user to 1 reboot,2 recover data, 3 stablise the system and for thoes that understand, systems states, windows hibanes the core system to file and then restores it at boot what microsoft have done is abled the system to store more information and then its made  avable to the system at boot with  changing the way the os reads from the harddrive then all this is hiden from the user so you say shutdown and windows copys all critical core system files to the hard drive then at boot its opened like a live os cd or dvd thus boot time is reduced, i cant say if this will be the way the os is  in the final release but im still waiting to see winfs in the os i would say this is the compensation of not using winfs, so boys and girls the os hasnt changed too much just a market requested UI that puts it inline with Ubitian OS well Gnome 3.2 and the more poupular Android os for smart phone and smaler Tablet PC’s those who remeber when microsft tryed to release its own table may remeber the Metro UI is very close to XP tablet with Media Centre