Windows 8 Compatibility Logo Images Leaked

Microsoft usually certifies hardware compatible with Windows and allows the hardware manufacturer to use the “Windows Compatible” logo stickers on them. Winunleaked today posted some images of the upcoming Windows 8/Windows RT Compatible logo in various colors. Its interesting to see that Microsoft is pushing the Windows RT brand among consumers. And I think differentiating Windows RT and Windows 8 among consumers is also an important task ahead for Microsoft.

Source: Winunleaked Image via: Winunleaked, Neowin

  • skruis

    Differentiating RT and 8 is absolutely crucial to limiting the return rate.  It’ll be interesting how Microsoft gets that message across.

    • Guest

      I think this is just a sample and in final design we see only Windows 8 or Windows RT.

      Bur perhaps they use logo like this with both 8 and RT on it for hardwares like Mouse or Keayboards that work for both.

      But on tablet or laptop/desktop they will use only the one that mention either Windows 8 or RT not both of them together.

      Anyway I still think Microsoft have to work on logos and design in metro-style and make them even better. they can still get much better.

      I really hope they do improve and come with better designs by the time Windows 8/RT is ready to ship.

  • ninjaap

    I think what’s more crucial than logos, to differenciate RT and 8, is pricing. If we get x86 machines selling cheaper than RT, why would anyone want to buy RT? Structured pricing will let consumers know that paying less means RT is a Windows Starter of sorts, compared to 8. If not, RT could just eventually disappear.

    • Il Baffo

      They made a mistake branding windows for phones and for tablet in a different way.
      iOs and android made a beter choice: you know that an iPad has the same capabilities (apps and performance) of a smartphone.So in the future apple could make an iPadOsx with the full OS and will be clear to consumers what it is.