Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download To Be Made Available Later Today

As announced earlier, Microsoft will release the most awaited Operating System Windows 8’s Consumer Preview at Barcelona later today. Microsoft Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky will take stage to demo the latest build of Windows 8. Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be a free download and almost all Windows 7 PCs, Laptops, Tablets will be compatible with Windows 8.  Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be available in both x86 & x64 flavors but as a single SKU will all the features. Along with Windows 8, Windows Store will also launch tomorrow allowing users to download their apps on their Metro Style desktop.

Keep an eye on Microsoft Windows 8 page and Dev center page for downloads.

  • Dustin Harper

    Waiting… Waiting… Whistling… Darn it, it’s bed time. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Those servers are going to be hit HARD. Time to see if MS’s data centers can take the heat! I wonder if you could monitor the spike in network traffic? It’d be interesting!

  • Anonymous

    Waiting to pounce on it and download some apps from the Windows Store! :)

  • Dan Frei

    Currently Downloading…. available NOW!

    • CRDeveloper

       Where u got it? is it developer preview o customer preview? Link pleeeeeaassse

    • Bunta

      Link please!!!!

    • NorwegianDude

       That’s the developer preview. Not the newer Consumer Preview :)

  • Peter

    @f3648459f37ac212950b45340fc3715e:disqus – I think that’s the pre-beta, not the newer Consumer Preview.

  • TrinNY

    Can’t wait hope it downloads on my old laptop

    • CRDeveloper

       Just try it, I’ve tested developer beta and it will run very slow on some machines… but those machines will also run slow on ubunto for example so just try it! Must hardware will work and connect very fast.

  • trent

    Just hoping this release will also include windows media centre although I am starting to feel very doubtfull

  • Ahmad Waleed

    can’t wait

  • Anonymous

    I need this beta for development! The developer preview has so many bugs, it’s a real fight to “work” with it…

  • Sdfdsfs

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want to download!!!!! post it post it post it!!!!! :)

  • Louie Canis Majoris

    preparing my slate 7 for this , i hate waiting =/

  • RampalG

    As previously announced unlike the Windows 8 Developer Preview this Windows 8 Consumer Preview will NOT be available to all and sundry immediately. Initially it will be made available only to MSDN subscription holders; and make available to the public on March 3rd 2012.

    • Michael Cottham

      I thought this was BS till I checked my MSDN account.
      The link is available but not yet active. I can not see this when NOT logged into my MSDN account.
      You are right Rampal.

      • Francis Y

        I am an MSDN account holder too, but I don’t see anything like that. I guess just wait a couple of days anyway for the servers to recover it will be slow for the first few days. Don’t even bother.

  • Yuriy Rogach

    Ha … here is Windows 8 Consumer Preview

  • Tiago Costa

    it’s ON!!!

  • Mike Falderoff

    When is the Developer Preview for Windows 9 going to be available for download? Windows 8 is an Edsel (dud).