Windows 8 Demo Video

Microsoft’s demo of Windows 8’s new UI.

  • Jason

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marco Ruiz

    Looks like metro UI, which is good :) This is a good direction for windows, but the only thing I’m worried about is if people don’t like the lack of customizations. 

  • DA


  • Anonymous

    oh yes. EPICNESSS!!!

  • Peter Hernandez

    This looks sooo cool, cant wait till it come out.

  • Mazz72

    Looks great for a tablet environment, but I’d like to see it demoed with a mouse. Most people aren’t going to be using a touchscreen with a desktop PC. At least, not for a while.

  • Robert

    I like it a lot. I think it is the future. This is so neat! I am glad that Microsoft is now bringing everything together… Metro started on the Zune then made its way over to Windows Phone 7 Series, now on (windows 8)

    • George

      yeah it started on Zune….. I was like WOW when I saw zune for the first time! its sooo cool!

  • Oshalabi9

    It shows promise. For our generation it might take a little getting used to. But for the next it’s what is expected. With the advent of apps, speech recognition, and maybe even in the future integration with kinectic ala “Minority Report” the landscape has changed. In the video though it’s a blessing to see Microsoft finally going a different direction than trying to put a PC in consumers hands. Also, some of the attention to detail may mean that us the consumers may eventually get the attention we all deserve. But overall, ‘ I like ‘.

  • General


  • Andrea Barbera

    really, really cool stuff.

  • aivanm

    Is it just me or did he fight hard not to say “it’s gonna be on phones”

  • brahim

    Very glad to see the new UI bu after a while , it seems to me that it just is a windows 7 with a HTClike UI (like HTC sense).
    See, the windows 7 is just behind…
    i wish windows 8 tablets will be all in a metro UI !!

    • George

      dont worry… it’s a whole new UI….. it runs the old just for your old apps!….. when developers start compiling teir apps in the new UI, it will not be necessary running the old UI to call those apps

      • brahim

        i’m very concerned about this demo,
        can you imagine using this UI on your desktop work or when you want productivity?
        I think that windows traditionnal desktop is un-erasable.
        To me it seems obvious that hardcore programs like photoshop or parallels “multitasking” work will show the limit of this UI.
        I hope i’m wrong…and that microsoft will ascend the slope!

  • Ashley Sheridan

    So Windows 8 is a basically a widget framework on-top of Windows 7. Widgets have existed years on various operating systems, so this isn’t anything entirely new, just a natural progression of them, not enough though to warrent being called a new OS.
    Also, I’d be interested to see how this widget framework works with regular mouse & keyboard interaction, as I can’t see the “hundreds of millions” of PC users actually using a touchscreen all day at work. Monitors work best at eye-level (forget screens flat on the desk, people will get nech ache craning down all day), ergo, the arms must be held up all day just to work! Microsoft seems to be forgetting its core market here, the office worker. They don’t want pretty toys, they want things that make their jobs easier. Weather widgets and social network feeds don’t really fit with that ethos.

    • James

      I think the idea is that you use the touchscreen while on the move. I imagine there being “keyboard-mouse docks” everywhere, and when you arrive at home, school or work, you simply plug your tablet in the dock and it becomes a full-featured desktop with a mouse and keyboard. Then, out and about, you can use the tablet mode.

      I think it’s fantastic. Hope there’s deep Xbox/Games for Windows Live integration!

    • George

      widget? lol… ur so ignorant!!!! ….. this is all new kernel, which allows to run the old UI just for your old apps…. in the future developers will start to compile their apps for the new Windos UI

  • brahim

    Do you remember the software Origami 2.0 of Microsoft (this software has been used on MID/tablets like Samsung Q1)
    It really look the same concept

  • Виктор Нарышкин

    I want one!

  • Ian Wold

    Wait – will this UI be used in both the tablet and desktop models, or just the tablet?

    I would hate to have to use this on a desktop or even a laptop computer.

  • Ntonev

    where is the innovation here? :( Disapointing…

  • George

    yeahhhhh…. this rulesssss
    can’t wait to have my FULL apps on my future Microsoft Tab :)

  • George

    the only thing I DON’T LIKE is that ‘they showed this video’
    I remember when they showed the idea of’multi-tasking’ for the windows Phone, pointing that iphone and android didnt have multitasking!…. then a couple of months later iphone and android released multitasking on their phones ‘before’ microsoft released their windows phone
    obviously Microsoft Marketting guys don’t know that much about marketting….. they should have NEVER released THIS VIDEO till the W8pad release date!….. I want my Microsoft Tab NOWWWW!!!!!
    what I’m startig to think now, is that in the next couple of months iPad will have the ful OSX integrated inside their ipads ‘before’ Microsoft release the W8pad….. sad

  • harry

    yes it does look amazing but on the clip the person is touching the screen , you would have to buy an iPad to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohammad Azhar

    the keyboard is crap especially the font get written its too small

  • Jamescoogan

    this is built for touch screen mainly what about keyboard users and mice ?
    have you noticed that when he swiped his finger fron left to right there was no menu or icons ? so how would you know where on the screen to touch or put your mouse cursor. Another thing introducing apps other people made ?
    that is a sure thing to get trojens spyware viruses on your machine.
    But hey thats why microsoft wants you to buy its security software hey ?