Windows 8 has now left Android behind, overtaken Linux


In the 18 days since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest desktop and tablet OS, the operating system has grown rather nicely.

Statcounter, which measures the OS’s web presence by examining website logs in real time, has found as of yesterday the operating system now has 0.88% of all web hits, more than the 0.86% of Linux or the 0.6% of Android.

This is in fact not the first time Windows 8 overtook Linux, but last it occurred over the weekend, when the OS appears to see its heaviest use, and Linux its lightest. On this occasion it occurred in the middle of the week, indicating that this is simply part of the overall natural growth of the OS.

The week-end spikes does however indicate that the OS is having more traction with home users than in business, a not unexpected result.

The next stop is iOS, which with its tablet, iPod Touch and iPhone presence represents over 400 million devices but represents only 2.89% of web hits.

Some have say it is unfair to compare mobile operating systems with a desktop OS, but Windows 8 has not just blurred but erased those boundaries, just like the iPad has ambitions to replace the desktop.

Another criticism has been that Statcounter only tracks web use and not app usage.  The latest Comscore data however shows that on smartphones this is pretty evenly split with 54% of smartphone users using apps and 52.6% using the browser, with browser use in fact increasing over time.  The browser of course remains the most important application on a phone or tablet, and remains a good proxy for the activity of the various operating systems.

  • drew

    what’s with the heading?

  • Myclevername

    There is some really important information not being shared here. There is no way Windows 8 and Android are BOTH under 1%. What is the metric being tracked here? Desktop PC traffic from businesses with over 100,000 employees based in Seattle with the initials M and S in their name? This is a cheerleader article to beat all cheerleader articles. I’m a fanboi for Windows and even I refuse to swallow this data. What are the specifics?

    • Njoi Fontes

      What is so hard to believe about both windows 8 and android being under 1%? Between windows 7, vista and even XP lies the vast majority of web presence, with mac OS’s (lion, tiger, pussycat or whatever other cat) and iOS filling in the rest.

    • JayD

      Also people tend to forget that iOS/Android may sell a lot every year but people replace their phones a lot quicker than they do their laptop/PC. That means of those 400 million iOS devices sold since 2007, most are probably not being used anymore because they were replaced. Meanwhile Windows continues to sell around 350-400 million every year and isn’t replaced nearly as quickly.

      In the US phones are replaced every 2 years and PCs are replaced about every 4 – until they die. The reason is that upgrading your phone is free and upgrading your PC isn’t.

      • Myclevername

        Right. But people sell or give their old phones away and they keep being used. So the old phones mostly add to the pool of users.
        I’m.thinking these numbers are for Chromebooks and Android tablet traffic that uses the Android OS and is not inclusive of handsets. That would make the graph understandable.

        • Dave

          Except it’s just some made up reason you are choosing to believe because it fits your conclusion.

          Android’s marketshare consist mostly of glorified featurephone junk with shit web browsing. Doesn’t mean high end devices aren’t nice, or have good browsers, but that’s not what “Android” usually means.

        • JayD

          Not really in the US at least. When everyone can get a free upgrade there isn’t much of a reason to keep old phones.

          Good luck finding someone on the street with an iPhone 3G/3GS vs iphone 4S/5. The 3G/3GS are only 3/4 years old. I bet it will be a lot easier to find a 5 year old PC than the original iphone. I have 2 PCs in my house that are more than 5 years old.

          Also chromebooks do not run Android they run ChromeOS which is a totally different OS. Chromebooks are not shown because they are statistically irrelevant.

          I do not know anyone with a phone older than 2 years but pretty much everyone has a PC older than 2 years. Even poorer people can get a new phone every 2 years but it is a lot more difficult to get a new PC every 2 years because it is not subsidized.

  • mikelo90

    What is “left Android” and how do you overtake it behind?

    • sumedh

      probably forgot a comma after first ‘ overtaken ‘

      • mikelo90

        actually I’m pretty sure the first “overtaken” was a mistake, that it wasn’t even supposed to be in the sentence. I know what he meant to say, but the title is so obviously terrible. I can’t believe someone would just post an article without reading it at least once before.

  • NoName

    Is Android web traffic really that low, even if they have the biggest market share?

    • donzebe

      A great majority of android device buyer do not use the web. This is so true for the phone buyer. It biggest market share is due to the low cost of its devices.

    • JayD

      It is probably because there are tons of extremely cheap phones being sold which run android but do not have the ability to do most of what the OS provides because it is on such cheap hardware.

  • Myclevername

    ahhh…so were talking Chromebooks here. Woo hop! Quite the hurdle.

    • JohnCz

      Thats not what they are saying, it includes all devices running those.

  • gopi

    Heading was confusing..

  • NegLewis

    Nice to see that people still consider the Browser “FIRST APP”.
    This is quite true.
    First thing to do on a PC is to install a new Browser.
    Same on Tablet/SmartPhone.
    Soon, HTML5 Apps (local copies of a web page) will overtake Classic Apps.
    Classic App model is based on some “executable” files mainly because JAVA is a Slow Monster.

    Since 2011 JAVA on mobile is up to 10.000 faster (New CPU’s, optimizations in JAVA code, and JAVA in general)… so … I see no point in having a special app.

    A web Page is an app in itself. Save it as a static local copy or a Link… and there you have it… An App.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Comparing apple to oranges. Mobile vs desktop.

    • Bugbog

      As opposed to Apples v Apples in the Post-PC world?

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Microsoft

    • Carlo Vincente


  • gezza

    LOL…so where does WP fit in this picture….

  • le mungan

    Jesus Christ with this headline

  • Gavin Tom

    that heading was a mind F**k

  • San Ien Jao

    2 words – Kick ass!

  • HavocAngel

    Yeah, as Windows 8 can be on a phone, tablet and PC where android is only on phones and tablets and linux is only on PCs. Interesting how that happened.

  • apexwm

    There’s no way Android only has a .7% web presence on a chart like this. It appears that this is only taking in to account desktops. Android is not a desktop OS. Clearly misleading data and inaccurate. The Linux and Windows figures are correct though.