Windows 8 Includes Aerolite Glass Theme

We all thought Aerolite Basic will be the default theme in Windows 8, but it is not so. Winunleaked has posted a screenshot showing Aerolite Glass theme. One interesting thing to note is that the Aerolite Glass is not listed in themes menu, instead its been kept as a easter egg in Windows 8. Ofcourse, Microsoft may change any of these things in the final version of Windows 8. Check source for details on how to enable this theme in your developer preview of Windows 8.


  • Anonymous

    While I prefer this one to the aerolite basic, I’ sure that they can do something which goes better with the Metro interface. I’m just hoping this isn’t the final version, which I doubt it is.

  • Anonymous

    MS if you are reading this… include tabs!!! I want tabs!!! I need tabs!!! What I do not need is 5 file explorer windows open on my desktop!

  • Jacob Bearce

    Why do the Back and Forward arrows look like crap? They really need to rethink this if they think this will fit with Metro…I want something like this, completely redesigned from the ground up. Not just a poorly-designed skin: 

    • Anonymous

      Agree completely! Let’s go metro if we are going to go in that direction.

  • Anonymous

    with this Glass theme, I can reduce the size of the icons, if allowed, then it would look super-cool….

  • Amit Jakhu

    you all know you can download windows themes after. I’m 100% sure somebody will release a Metro theme.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    include inking, include inking, include inking!