Windows 8 installation gets a bit more Metro


Some new screen shots of the M3 build of Windows 8 has popped up at Windows8beta, and it shows a lot more of the Metro in the installation screen than previously, including the flat buttons and typographical elements.


See more screen shots at, and also see the new high contrast theme at Windows8beta here.

  • Josè Daniel

    Sexy Windows 8!!!

  • cmwind

    wow microsoft is doing what they always do. While that first screen looks very metro-ish it is not actually metro. the arrow is rounded like windows vista/7 arrows. it is not the sharp flat arrows like zune/windows phone 7. whats great is IE 9 has a different arrow from both of these as well. so we have three different products all made by the same company but have stupid minor variations all because the teams for some reason can’t work together… its the little things that matter

    • Dudewhoknows

      Wow, you commented on a m < 3 build and you pointed out the arrows. What a douche

      • cmwind

        you bet i did. cause guess what… those are newly created UI screens. and guess what. that ugly arrow they threw on there matches the ones from the leaked “aero lite” imagery.


        wow, you called someone a douche on the internet. what a douche

        • Madhav K Infinity

          this is just pre beta builds and they will be testing a lot of different stuff. not that all 3 arrows will end up in the final version  

  • that other guy
    • cmwind

      thanks for the leaks to the other screens. that makes me feel a little better that they are paying close attention to the details. those images show they are using the IE9 arrow. wondering if Windows Phone design is going to follow their lead.

  • WuJin
  • Vhic_lhouis

    reformat the PC BeFore Complete the installing :DD