Windows 8 Kiosk Mode Revealed In Windows Blue Build 9374

Windows 8 Kiosk Mode

Recently Windows Blue Build 9374 got leaked over the web. One of the new features it revealed was the new Kiosk mode in Windows 8. Under Users Settings menu, you will have option to lock down your device to a single immersive app experience. This will allow anyone to set a limited functionality for an user account or select an app to automatically launch  an app on login.

Pretty neat feature for users who often use their device to demo or for public use.

via: Neowin

  • J A

    Nice. I can see this in great use in airports, schools, even voting booths, etc.

  • Jerry Bandy

    I would call it “Mother-in-law” mode. Some people need a little extra guidance.

  • Johan Spånberg

    Excellent! This means I can make an XBMC-account on my HTPC.

  • frankwick

    Nice feature!!