Windows 8 Laptop/Ultrabook Concepts Shown At CES

Yesterday at CES, Microsoft’s partners showcased lots of Windows 8 devices. Here are some of the interesting concept designs and working models.

1) Intel Nikiski Prototype:

Intel Nikiski prototype has a see-through touchpad that stretches across the entire palm rest. When you close the laptop, the see through touchpad will allow you to see a portion of the laptop display which will have special interface on which you can interact. Imagine checking mail, tweets, facebook notifications without opening the laptop ! !

Read more at Engadget and The Verge

2) Lenovo Ideapad Yoga:

Lenovo showcased this impressive form factor of laptop. It will feature next generation Intel processor, IPS 1600 x 900 resolution display and 8 hours battery life. More than anything, the device can be rotated on any direction to make it as a laptop or tablet or some phone viewer, etc,. Great stuff from Lenovo.

Read more at Engadget.

3) Sliders:

A Windows 8 running Slider Ultrabook was shown by Intel. It was designed by Wistron, a Taiwanese ODM.

Read more at Trusted Reviews.

4) Nvidia Windows 8 Tablet:

This is similar to the one we saw at BUILD conference last year.

Read more at Pocketlint.

Even Sony showcased some of its concept PC’s among which Slider PC as the above one was also present.

Will update with more when I find time ! !



  • Tabletuser

    these are quite bulky. as the ipad has shown, the market does not want a tablet as a laptop replacement. in some cases, laptops are desktop replacements. a tablet is a small, sleek, simple to use device designed primarily for consumption but with the ability to host applications that make input quick and easy.

  • LordofKings

    If the market can have both in one device, than they will choose a bulkier system. But the ultrabook is not bulky and not every tablet based on W8 will be bulky, since windows programs (office programs) are nothing more than apps. There are even tablets now that are not bulky, but are W8 ready. So bulky will not be an issue.