Windows 8 leak shows Jupiter UI will be “Immersive” have posted some more information from their leaked build of Windows 8, showing a tiny bit more of what we can expect from the Jupiter user interface.

First, there is evidence of a new browser shell, obviously an essential component for a finger-friendly operating system.

Next there is more evidence the new user interface layer called Jupiter will be Metro-inspired, with a set of icons clearly showing the influence.



Lastly, we have an indication of what Microsoft’s aim with the shell is – for it to be Immersive, with many OS components having the dedicated “Immersive” versions.


A job post on LinkedIn gives some idea of what Microsoft considers an Immersive experience.

Would you like to help engineer the next generation of Natural User Interfaces?

Today’s state-of-the-art applications on the latest phones, tablets, pcs, and tvs are offering increasingly immersive user experiences with natural user interfaces that respond to a variety of sensors; are controlled with touch, voice, and gestures; have a high context awareness; react with hyper-realistic effects; and present advanced animations that used to only be present in very high end video games or costly movie productions…

If you are passionate about understanding and optimizing the responsiveness, accuracy, and immersive nature of these next generation user experiences…if you are inspired by Xbox Kinect, Courier, or Microsoft Surface…if you thrive in the agility of small startup teams…if you believe in our developer community, then come and join the team that is focused on offering the most power and performance to our talented development community so they in turn can create the most immersive and differentiated NUI applications on our platform.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 5 years software development
  • Strong communications and problem solving skills
  • Passion for writing great code

Two or more of:

  • C++
  • Graphics / GPU programming
  • Game / UX development
  • Natural User Interfaces
  • Mobile device development

We cant wait for a full leak which will show what this very important user interface layer is all about.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy with Windows 7 on my touchscreen display. I hope they don’t force us into this “finger friendly” UI that just makes everything larger than it needs to be. There should be an option between the child-friendly look they’re creating for people to touch and something more in line with what we’d want to see in a business PC.

    • Travis New

      Whatever improves productivity is all that matters to myself.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with that. After looking more closely, this appears to simply be the same tile view that we currently have the option of using so it’s likely going to have what I want as well- options.