Windows 8 build 7995 Logon UI caught on video in all its Metro Glory has posted a number of screenshots and video of Windows 8. They claim that its Windows 8 Build 7955.

The above video shows Windows 8 logon screen designed on Metro. Also the screenshots posted by them shows the ribbon interface, updated new taskbar, smartscreen filter, metro design theme on window’s etc.  Here is one of them.

As usual the UI remains in flux, but it is apparently from this version Windows 8 will both be familiar to Windows 7 users and also include many small improvements which will make it worth the upgrade.

Via: Neowin

  • Ryan Perkins1

    It’s build 7955 not 7995 :)

  • Yobif

    Wondering :(

  • Bryan Gopan

    Anywhere we can download and test

    • Eric Terez Harris

      Probably Not.. I’m Guessing No Ones Smart Enough To Try To Go Against That Warning On The Bottom Of The Screen Stating “Unauthorized Use Or Disclosure May Result In Disciplinary Action”

  • Alois Dimpfelmoser

    This video shows impressively that Mickysoft is far away from understanding what is important and what users want!

    • Anonymous

      No, this video shows you only what the creator of the video was doing on said build.

    • Tim Smith

      What the hell is mickysoft?

    • Travis New

      You do realise that Win8 is going to have to UI & UX one will be the desktop UI that we and I love. The other will be Jupiter for more modern and touch friendly option. I imagine that I will use Jupiter 24/7 for fun assuming it doesn’t break other processes.

    • Anonymous

      And what the hell would that be? Please enlighten us because you obviously speak for all users.

  • Glucose93

    I like it…