Windows 8 M3 build leaks with evidence of twin UI


Windows 8 is set to make Windows a competitive tablet OS by featuring two user interfaces – a desktop version and a finger-optimized tablet user interface supposedly called Jupiter.

Microsoft has started distributing Windows 8 M3 build purportedly to select OEMs via Microsoft Connect recently, and of course leaks to hackers have not been far behind.

The latest build shows some new calming wall papers, but more importantly internally shows evidence of this dual user interface spread throughout the code of the OS via a new DLL aptly named TWINUI.DLL.

The screen shot above also shows the new Windows Live icon which will bring Live integration to Windows.

We will likely see a lot more over the next few months, hopefully revealing the real surprise, the Jupiter UI.


  • Sergey Durnov

    According to, it is not M3, it is M2 Build 7971.0.110324-1900

  • bernard

    Betta fish, lol.

  • rsg1

    This is going to be a REAL game changer.

  • Guestman

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