Windows 8 Mail, Calendar and Messaging App updated

Microsoft is pushing out an update for the Mail, Calendar and Messaging apps in Windows 8.

The changelog notes the following improvements:

Group email messages by conversation to keep your inbox organised.
Respond to meeting invitations directly from your inbox.
Get things done more quickly with faster performance in all apps.
Experience better reliability and usability based on feedback from customers like you.

My experience with the mail app so far has not been great, with limited features and the app completely unable to send email from my main mail account, no matter how I tweak the settings.

The good news is that the email does now actually work.  The bad news is that all the mail that was stuck in my outbox has now suddenly been sent 😉

The mail app does overall also feel much faster. Have our readers noticed any other significant improvements? Let us know below.

Thanks Kamalesh for the tip.

  • Johnny

    But still no way to add birthdays to the calendar…

    • Tumultus

      And still no way of displaying contacts by LAST NAME, FIRST NAME! :(

  • blackhawk556

    Does anyone else have the issue where the people app crashes every time after waking up the surface from sleep? I’ve noticed that if I hit refresh, it takes a while to do anything. If I hit refresh again while its doing nothing, it will crash. It only does this after crashing one time. I can hit refresh again while its doing nothing, but it will not crash anymore.

  • Martin Spierings

    To my knowledge the mail app already featured conversations and accepting invitations, so i don’t really understand this patch. Or they have mixed up the changelog

  • Breakingillusions

    Nice updating right now

  • textomatic

    I would like to see the “Sweep” feature found in implemented in the mail app. It’s the one feature I sorely miss. Other than that it works fine for me.

  • Jim

    Nice update.The apps are more faster!!

  • luis3007

    As long as the mail app does not have the same funtionality level as it is useless for me!!!

  • Ivan

    The mail application is much faster!

  • frankwick

    I would like the option to open a message in full-screen.

  • Raif Copeland

    So Much more to fix…