Windows 8 Mail, Calendar and People Apps Update Announced, Releasing Tomorrow

Windows 8 Mail App

Microsoft today announced the update for  Mail, Calendar, and People apps in Windows 8. These updates will be available in Windows Store starting tomorrow.

Mail App:

Improvements has been made throughout the app. Right from performance to composing email messages. You can now add, edit, and delete hyperlinks and edit bulleted or numbered lists more easily in email messages. smart contact suggestions, support for flagging, search in server, etc,.

People App:

You can now navigate the People app more easily by swiping from the top (or right-clicking) to bring up the app commands. There is new navigation at the top that allows you to quickly move between your profile where you can post status updates and Tweets or see what your friends are posting on the “What’s new” feed. You can also now post to your friends’ Facebook wall.


The Calendar app got the most visual update with easier to read UI, scheduling assistant, support for forwarding invitations, etc,.

Read more at Windows Team blog.

  • Joe_HTH

    Shit! They need to update Xbox Music.

    • Fabius Engel

      App was updated 😀

  • arrow2010

    Still no unified inbox = FAIL.

    • robertwade

      What do you mean by “unified inbox”? I have all my emails, from four different accounts, all showing up in one inbox. I have one exception that I specifically setup for a separate folder, but other than that, it’s all coming together. I don’t understand what the difficulty is for some people.

  • CX1

    Can I change that god awful green?

  • JoeStix1x

    What does it matter if you have a unified indox? All of your emails are right there. I think its silly that you can’t click between email accounts. It’s simple enough.

  • Myclevername

    Will I finally be able to right-click on a folder and “delete all” in email? So annoying that that doesn’t exist.