Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging Apps Updated


Microsoft released an update today to the Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging Apps in Windows 8.  Unfortunately the release notes are still the same from the last update.  If you did not get the update notification, while in the Windows Store open the charms bar –> hit Settings –> App Updates –> Check for Updates

Notice significant performance improvements or anything new? Let us know in the comments below

  • L

    Still does not sync with Google calendar.

    • nohone

      So Google taking your information and using it against you is not good enough, you want to actively help them track every detail about you by giving them a list of what you will be doing, when you will be doing it, and where it will happen?

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I observed the next new things for me:
    1. a kind of universal search at the top of the app. Perhaps not new, but now caught my eye
    2. option in settings to add permission to use webcam. I do not know what this means or how to use this in the app. Does this mean that all will become part of Skype?
    3. Still missing option to add email as attachment to a calender appointment (like outlook desktop)
    Peoples hub:
    -Option to select contacts online.
    -Skype account added
    -Also here the option to add permission to use webcam. Still don’t know how to use it in this app. Is this part of something bigger?
    -Still missing option to friend/unfriend contacts from the facebook list. Currently still have to do this via the facebook app. Also still missing the option to see private messages from facebook. Also here I have to go into the facebook app just to read it. (sigh).
    -Friend updates: in the lower right corner there are now buttons that let you open an update in a browser or facebook. Before you did it by pressing on the title of the update card.
    -Nothing much changed. Perhaps a refresh of the layout of workweek and week. Oddly there is a button in the lower right hand corner to go to today, but it doesn’t work. Bug?
    -Looks like all appointments are fixed to their sport on the calendar. I cannot change an appointment date by just dragging the appointment to another date. You can do this on outlook for the desktop. So perhaps a tip for a future update?
    -When making a new appointment there is a lare textfield for notes. Unfortunately still nowhere an option to be found to add or copy email appointment or content to the appointment. (sigh).
    -Also here in settings and permissions the option the allow webcam use?????????????

    • Stephen Michaels

      I have a web cam and Skype and see nothing anywhere about using web cam. Hmm?

      • Willem Evenhuis

        See these images. Pardon that they are in Dutch, but these are three pictures of calendar and people.I’ve opened the permissions in the settings charm and clearly one can see a toggle for webcam. Only issue is I do not see how I’m supposed to use them in these apps. Strange, or not?

    • Ian

      The search in the mail app above the messages is not from this last update yesterday, but from the one a few weeks back. Can’t tell you much on the people app as I do not have my Facebook on there.

    • TheNet Avenger

      Use private messaging from the Messaging App all the time… (Ensure your MS account is linked via the Account page to Facebook.)

  • Stephen Michaels

    Still doesn’t support the groups in and windows phone 8. Really don’t understand this.

  • Ian

    I heard from other sources that the updates yesterday were just performance and reliability updates, no interface updates like the last update for these apps.