Windows 8 OneNote App Now Supports Finger Painting

OneNote Finger Painting

OneNote for Windows 8/RT devices just got updated to support finger painting. As more users expressed the need to be able to draw on the touch devices that do not ship with a pen, this update allows you to draw with your finger!

Simply tap the screen, open the radial menu and select “Draw”.

From here you can get creative; choose pen colors, customize your thickness, and store these combinations as a ‘favorite’ pen.  Once you are done drawing, open the radial menu and select “Exit Draw”.

Download it from OneNote for Windows Store.

Source: OneNote

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  • Joexxx

    If they would only make an RT device with active digitizer, think of the student sales alone plus medial fields, real estate agents etc….common Microsoft, your so close now.

    • harchestr

      So true an opportunity missed!

  • Christopher Wallis

    this is awesome to use on interactive whiteboards!

  • JRV

    MS, good job. Bring us more examples of why touch matters!

    Even for “ordinary”, non-fingerpainting apps, touch is MUCH faster than a mouse.

    You can prove this even without a touchscreen: Open Notepad in a large, restored window on your Desktop. Perhaps 2/3 of the display. Click each corner with your mouse. Now touch each corner with your finger. Which was faster?

    Now think how many times you move the mouse pointer across long distances, from your work up to a toolbar, ribbon or menu bar, and back.

    I’d like to see a simple, demo “Modern UI” app that times you while you do this included with Windows 8/RT.

    When we transitioned to GUIs, the character mode devotees among us (accurately) decried the loss in efficiency that accompanied the increase in discoverability. To me, touch brings back the “computing at the speed of thought” that us character-mode old farts enjoyed with WordPerfect, MultiMate, WordStar, 1-2-3, DataEase, and many more, while retaining or enhancing GUI discoverability.

    That point is TOTALLY lost on the “Touch is only for phones and tablets” crowd.