Windows 8 OS Market Share Increases To 3.31% In March

Windows 8 Feb Marketshare

According to latest Net Applications data compiled worldwide, Windows 8 now holds 3.31% of market share on all PCs up from its Feb numbers of 2.79%. Even this tiny number makes it the 4th largest OS installed base. Windows 7 and Windows XP holds the market with 44.73% and 38.73% respectively. Another interesting fact that was revealed was is the Window 8 Touch devices which is just over 0.12%. OEMs need to step up their work to make consumers aware of Windows 8 and its touch features.

Source: NetApplications

  • rorrr

    does the .12% number for touchscreens mean that 99.88% of Windows 8 PCs shipped without touch? or does that number come from the overall market of computers? (I’m guessing it’s the latter)

  • Snarg

    These stats estimate usage within the install base of total active smartphones, regardless of when they were purchased. To be correct, this is not market share, which is a measure of sales for a specific time period. Subtle but important difference. There isn’t a ‘market’ for something once its already sold (shipped in or sold thru depending on the measure to be technically correct) only its usage relative to the install base. These guys need to restate this properly, and you should too when passing it on.
    Otherwise, cheers! Good news :)

    • Snarg

      Computers, not smartphones sorry. To illustrate – there is no longer a market for XP, only its usage, as its no longer for sale.

    • Bugbog

      Errr..what?!! You do realise this is about Windows 8, the operating system, not Windows Phone?! And its about usage share (in the wild) based on internet application usage, not shipped/unreleased/unsold units?!

  • nixUser

    April Fools! Wait, people really use Windows 8?

  • disqustingtard

    Only fags refuse to upgrade to Windows 8.

  • tomakali

    Microsoft Should autoupgrade windows xp to W8

    or just time bomb it