Windows 8 Overtakes All Versions Of Mac OS X Combined In Terms Of Worldwide OS Market Share

Windows 8 Marketshare
According to the latest report from Netmarketshare, Microsoft’s Windows 8 now holds 7.65 percent of worldwide desktop OS market share. This number suggests that Windows 8 now has more users worldwide than all versions of Mac OS X combined. Microsoft just started selling Windows 8 from last October and this number reveals that more than 100 million units of Windows 8 devices have been sold since then.

Windows XP saw the biggest drop in terms of market share from 37.19 percent to 33.66 percent.
Source: Netmarketshare

  • Ahmed A

    Windows XP scares me… But yay, now I can laugh when Tim Cook talks about Mavericks market share….

  • Yuan Taizong

    I’m honestly not surprised, Windows is a better O.S. with better functions, and it now features all the ”lost” built-in features of Vista, speed of 7 and ecosystem of Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and the Xbox 360, Windows 8 is headed in the right direction, Microsoft has a much larger market today to conquer than when XP came out, people often keep generation shifts at home, parents use XP and children use 7, Windows Vista is slowly migrating to Windows 8 and the same could be said about the rest too in a few years, I will see only a faster growth of Windows 8 over time, especially with the innovations made on the platform.

    Windows 8 could be a winner if it could attract all major Mobile apps to their platform (like WhatsApp-Messenger, Blackberry-Messenger, and many more) and then get people to use them (which they already do) and finally bridge the mobile- and desktop-worlds with the Video-Game Console world.

    Macintoshes will never succeed WIndows because they lack the innovations and features of Windows, this is why Apple II was so successful back in the 1970’s, but non of their desktop successors, I hope that the Windows ecosystem will expand further.

    For a long time, Macs have seen no or little growth, even losses.

    • BIAS

      Beautiful thinking there….

    • iLove2argue

      at least viber is now on PC

  • BIAS

    Its a shame pple don’t know about good design. Windows design is currently the template for all upcoming software and gets copied left and right. My curr installed Windows 8 on his MacBook the other day and I have old him “you finally have a good computer. Modern software on a good hardware. Congratulations.”

  • Dolmetscher

    How is is happening? 1. 7,41% on the graphic, 7,65 in text. 2. “Windows XP saw the biggest drop in terms of market share from 37.19 percent to 33.66 percent.” In a year, in three months?

    • Jeff Hung
      You can go read by yourself. These numbers are open to general public (and even professional tech journalists don’t want to pay netmarketshare’s hefty subscription fee anyway.)

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should release a mandatory service pack for XP to change its UI to W8
    upgrades from XP has to skip W7 for the success of W8. or it will be too too late for windows to pickup again to regain market share

    • donzebe

      The problem is most HP hardwares 2009 and below does not support windows 8 that well. Lenovo/IBM has done well supporting windows 8 on their older hardwares.
      My stat is base on the few that i have been upgrading

      • tomakali

        true, Windows XP should not be upgraded to Windows 8 totally

        but Windows XP should experience the W8 paradigm now before its too late. even Windows 7 should experience the same.

        IMHO, WXP + Metro Start (optional start screen alone not settings and other core improvements)

        W7 + Metro Start should be released as a service pack. (optional start screen alone not settings and other core improvements)

        even though it will look like crap, everyone know the next upgrade is to W9 for sure it is going to be better than W8 with the same UI

    • first name

      It’s a bit like gingerbread, which is still on 1/3 of all android devices. Of course the fanboys don’t like it when you mention this: according to them, everyone is buying high end models such as the galaxy s4, htc one, xperia z, and G2.

      • iLove2argue

        they are buying devices with latest OS of android because gingerbread really SUCKS!!

  • NegLewis

    TOTAL MAC has 7%+.
    W8 has 4+.
    W9 will fix all these “hiding menus/features/buttons” issue and will overtake W7/XP

    • Simon Tupper

      The funny thing is that you believe it.

      • NegLewis

        I believe it. Don’t you? :)

        • Simon Tupper

          I think all you do is share your wishful thinking that Windows 9 will be a return to that boring and inefficient desktop UI from the 90s..

      • tomakali

        nobody has to believe it…
        its windows, it will happen anyway… with or without you

    • iLove2argue

      windows are anywhere according to bill gates. even the apple keynotes they are mentioning windows hehe!

    • textomatic

      If you’re going to play that game, TOTAL Windows 91% to Macs 7%.

  • iLove2argue

    mac OS is good OS also but it is just too complicated to use.

    • Jeff Hung

      Actually I believe Windows 8 borrows some UI philosophies from Mac OS and makes them better.
      Charms provide a unified menu cross different apps like the menu bar in Mac OS. And Metro is like Stacks in Mac OS but provides real-time live information.
      If it isn’t’ the bias against Microsoft, I think a Mac user should get used to Windows 8 sooner than an average Windows 7/XP user.

      • Otto Gunter

        Good points. I never thought of the new W8 features as such, but you are correct. At least they are fresh implementations of good UI design, and not blatant copies. (Good thing, I can’t personally stand the Mac menu bar.) MS innovation without imitation.

      • iLove2argue

        Every Software company will get an idea to each other. let’s say Windows, look at the idea of live tiles and modern UI designed it is new and fresh and windows took the first leap of change but people are not getting use to it because it’s new. And I also believe time will come that people will adjust to accept the new OS. Icons are outdated for me it is since 90’s. When I bought my first android phone (SGS2) last year. After a week of use I asked myself what is the new of the OS? Lists of icons it is also same with iOS still icons and facing to my laptop it’s still icons. So, I sold my android phone and I use my old phone a non-touchscreen device. During the time when I bought the SGS2 I never knew about the Nokia Lumia windows phone 7. And now I’m using Lumia 720 I feel like it is unique and different from other platform. Tech sites are bashing WP8 is having few apps so what? all I need is new not those old icons facing to me and also all my apps I need are there. And next month I’m saving to buy windows 8 OS.

  • ItsMyChoice

    what is MAC OS ?????

    • blackhawk556

      Oh please, you know damn well what they meant.

  • textomatic

    The majority of those Windows XP are businesses. We should start seeing Windows XP share go down rather quickly this year as companies start to migrate to Windows 7. Some will be brave and change to Windows 8 but majority will move to Windows 7.

  • scotthumble

    New hardware form factors and the app store will drive Windows 8 adoption but many organizations aren’t entirely ready for that yet. Many have put off their migration from XP to the very end. In the last few months, I’ve seen more and more interest in finishing the job. For those of us who have been jacking away at XP since and before Windows 7 went to RTM, this is a welcome relief to see such a big drop in XP. Most companies seem to be piloting Windows 8 in parallel to their Windows 7 projects as a subsequent migration phase that will be grandfathered into the environment with new hardware. Many will use 8.1 from the onset. The biggest problem I see with that is that most companies I work with are still using IE8 for legacy support of Intranet sites and applications. Windows 8.1 will bump them up three full major versions to IE11. I hate Intranet compatibility and regression testing. Nothing worse than telling a company that they have to forklift a backend system to support a modern web standard and that isn’t all that uncommon. You can only pull back the security baseline so far and compatibility mode has its limits when they are using backend systems that are 14+ years old. The fact that they have let it go for so long is one reason why the migration off of XP has been so tedious.

  • Stuart Carrison

    So this is based on licenses sold or actually in use? Every corporation that has an Enterprise Agreement (used to be called Select Licensing) from Microsoft automatically “bought” Windows 8 licenses for every employee’s PC, so it’s hardly surprising, since a huge number of companies have EA’s that Microsoft have “sold” lots of licenses. But these aren’t new licenses, they just get automatically updated/entitled through a regular payment subscription payment plan.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Windows 8 has 115.000 apps in the Windows Store and 4.000.000 on the desktop, every time someone writes ”Windows 8 is a failure” or ”Everyone will buy a Mac after Windows 7” I’ll just point out how the Mac App Store has 15.300 in 2 years the same number of apps Windows 8/R.T. got in 4 months.