Windows 8 pre-order storms to top of Amazon Best Sellers list


That did not take long. There has been a lot of speculation about muted demand for Windows 8, so it must be of some reassurance to Microsoft that pre-orders for the Windows 8 Pro DVD edition at $69.99 has stormed to the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers list and has been sitting there for the last 4 days, despite a much cheaper download option being available.

Microsoft has projected that they will sell 400 million copies of Windows 8 over the next year, and is in the process of spending $1.5 billion on advertising the new operating system. I suspect this showing is just the start of shutting the critics up.


  • windows8fan

    to me.. Windows 8 is going to Rock !!!.. it’s awesome..hope other will like too

  • Super2online

    This is exactly what I been expecting. There is going to be strong demand for this once people start playing around with it in stores.

  • Leonardo Cardozo

    I can’t wait to read the pseudo tech bloggers/financial analysts after they realize Win8 is a success and have to come to public and admit they were wrong. *cough* CNET/Verge *cough*. I must have something on my throat.

    • guesttt999

      Stopped visiting those sites after seeing their blatant biased reporting and the way how they mock Windows Phone and Windows in general. Windows 8 will be punch on their ego and crooked opinions. Microsoft is great a comebacks!

  • Bugbog

    So. Despite Windows 8 only being known to fans, nerds, techies and bloggers, it has somehow managed to climb to the top of Amazon’s U.S. pre-order list?!

    • Jim
    • Jesse Harmon

      Dude every child from 13 to 18 in this country is obsessed with computers there’s a lot more people into this than you think

      • Bugbog

        That I know :) It was a sarcastically framed, rhetorical question. For all the Haters out there!

  • Jomon Mondia

    I’ve been using Windows 8 for a while now starting with the developer preview. I feel sorry for those who won’t upgrade because of the missing start button. SmartGlass alone is worth the upgrade!

  • vpuik

    Well, Amazon had $10 off through the weekend. I debated whether I wanted a physical cooy, but decided to save some money and get the download.

    • guest

      Me too. In fact I’m going to get a couple, at least.

  • tomakali

    Raise Hitler and KILL everyone who boooooed on W8 and WP8