Windows 8 Preview At COMPUTEX(Video)


Microsoft Corporate Vice President Mike Angiulo demonstrates “Windows 8” at partner preview event in Taipei, Taiwan, for COMPUTEX 2011, June 2, 2011. Watch the full 30 minute demo video to know more about Windows 8.

Update: Found the above video on Youtube. Here it is


  • Raj Somarouthu

    Where is the video??? Am I missing something in here !!!

  • James Johnson

    The start screen looks nice for tablets, but for desktop usage, I don’t see the benefit of wasting so much desktop space, and targeting only 1366×768.  Many people use 1920×1080, and some use even higher resolution.  They should make this a completely optional interface for desktops, sticking with the regular start menu is enough.  The idea to use hubs for pictures, music, videos, though is a good one.  

    • WixosTrix

      I think they are targeting that resolution as the best for tablets.  As of now, it appears that the new start screen will be on by default, but you will be able to turn it off.  I don’t think they are expecting everyone to use the new UI just mainly those with touch screens.  They make it usable without a touch screen because it would be stupid not to. But on traditional PCs, the traditional desktop UI is there.

  • Anonymous

    I need a new desktop so I will wait for this

  • blakehaas

    “This is REAL MULTITASKING” …. Well yea, i would hope to god that windows 8 has multitasking…

    • Andrew

      To Windows users it’s ho-hum, but he meant “as opposed to what you get on the iPad”.

  • WixosTrix

    I think this is fantastic!

    Of course there are some concerns that are still unanswered (naturally). I’m not a developer but I’ve noticed a lot of them don’t seem too happy about the development platform so why’d they use it instead of VS and Silverlight? How does the start look in portrait mode? just to name a few.

    I’m excited tho =D

    • Andrew

      Good questions; I’m going to guess that portrait mode won’t work, just based on the restrictions they showed, e.g. you can’t use the touch UI unless you meet minimum screen resolution, and you can’t have a split screen unless your display is widescreen.

      The HTML5 part of it caused a small shockwave, that’s for sure.  As a developer, I was very surprised.  But in hindsight, they gave us a hint earlier that they are aggressively pursuing HTML5 / IE10 performance and de-emphasizing Silverlight.  It also makes a huge amount of sense to open Windows touchscreen app development up to the whole population of HTML+javascript programmers.  Don’t want to learn Objective-C?  How about a language everybody already uses every day?  If they can pull this off it will be a really compelling platform.

      • WixosTrix

        Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the orientation. it’s not really that big a deal as long as the apps will support it, which they obviously will.

        As far as the developing, i saw one poster say you can wrap html5 in a silverlight container or something. Do you know much about that and if that would bring any benefit, if it is possible of course?

        Thanks for the info btw :)