Windows 8 Pro Prices Slashed

In case you have been living under a rock, Windows 8 was released on 26th October 2012, boasting 40,000,000 sales in the first 30 days of release.

The initial cost of Windows 8 Pro was £50, however order to increase the affordability of the software for UK customers, Microsoft has sliced the cost in half to £25. What this means is Windows 8 Pro can now be bought for less money than Windows 8 home premium whilst including extra features:


Thank you Oliver for the tip.

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  • Jonny Rose

    Ummm…. Windows 8 Pro has always been £24.99 since launch in the UK, the offer ends the end of this month.

    • Danny Dodge

      Yeah, as far as I know I have pro, I updated for £24.99 on launch day.

    • Oliver

      I believe it’s the hard copy that is discounted from £50 to £25. That’s actually a really good price. The deal was featured by HotUKDeals and got 1500oC but mysteriously disappeared a few hours later.
      Yes, I am the tipster.

  • Rhodri

    As far as I know it’s been £49.99 for a disk copy and £24.99 for a download since launch in the UK…

  • John Doe

    I thought it’s 25 pounds for those who purchase a Windows 7 PC.

  • David Overton

    Oh come on, since the launch, Windows 8 has been $40 in 137 countries, including a free upgrade to get the Media Pack (including DVD Playback and Media Center) WW, with an end date of 31st December. Also, since before October, it was announced that there was a tech guarantee that anyone buying a Windows 7 PC via an OEM could upgrade to Windows 8 for $15 (which UK OEMs made £15).

    This is not news and certainly not sensational. I even blogged about it in mid December –

  • Zero Infinite

    Free Windows Media Centre pack for Windows 8 available from until 31 Jan 2013

  • Zero Infinite

    Free Windows Media Centre pack for Windows 8 available from until 31 Jan 2013

  • thelondonthing

    As others have pointed out, this isn’t anything new. And what the fuck is “Windows 8 Home Premium”? There is no “Home Premium” edition of Windows 8, nor is there “Home Basic” or Starter. It’s Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

    The price for upgrade has been £24.99 for download and £49.99 for the DVD edition since launch. No news here – and given the “Home Premium” nonsense the author is spouting, it seems he or she doesn’t have a fucking clue about any of this stuff.

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    I upgraded from windows 7 and got the Win 8 Pro version for £24.99 (software download) and got the option to get a hard copy for £8, so went for it. Can’t complain at that price O_o

  • Oliver

    Hi guys,
    I need to apologise for this. pointed me in the direction of the site, where the Hard copy of Windows 8 had had its price slashed to £25. However, it must have been a system error and they appeared to bring it back to £50 fairly quickly. Please do not be annoyed with me or the article writer, it was an honest mistake.
    Also to the person wondering about upgrading from a recently bought Windows 7 PC, it’s only £15 until the end of January.