Windows 8 Pro To Be Sold At $69.99 As Promotional Pricing

Windows 8 will go on sale from Oct-26th through retail stores and OEM devices. According to The Verge, Windows 8 Pro will be priced at $199 after a promotional price of $69.99 expires on January 31st 2013 in retail stores. Previously Microsoft has announced that consumers will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 from their existing Windows Vista, Windows 7 PCs by buying Windows 8 on a price of $39.99.

Are you going to buy Windows 8 in retail or buying a new Windows 8 PC?

Source: The Verge

  • Jacob Bearce

    You misunderstand. They’re saying that the retail pricing will be $69.99. Microsoft said that the pricing for a web-based updater would be $39.99. I’ll be buying upgrades, but if Microsoft puts out a Surface laptop I’ll be buying that, along with my Surface RT.

  • UStudio

    all of the above im gonna get a new surface or tablet and buy a upgrade or two

  • Peter Mitri

    I’m getting a $39.99 upgrade. Plus a Surface RT of course 😉

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    well $40 upgrade sounds what people shouldl pay, if not, people is silly. since it only needs any version of xp, vista and 7 to upgrade.
    even if you didn’t have a serial, you could go to a trash computers place, and find laptops that still have the serial sticker on it and puff get a free serial of xp lol
    this is still a good price though, but i would hope people would upgrade.

  • buckhoe

    I would have at $40. I’ve read some very thoughtful articles on W8 usability for content creation vs content consumption and frankly I worried that desktop functionality has been sacrificed in favor of a uniform interface across all devices. Another $30 to be the first to confirm this fear isn’t worth it.

  • kalval

    Upgrade for desktop and media centre, getting rid of my laptop and buying a surface RT (unless another oem can sway me with 1080p and equally good keyboard solutions) then surface pro when its released.

  • Paul Renda

    Will I be able to upgrade my existing Windows 7 Pro (bought 2 years ago) for the same price?