Windows 8 Reaches 3.82% OS Market Share In April

Windows 8 April marketshare

According to the April data from Net Applications, Microsoft’s Windows 8 has captured 3.82% of the all traffic captured by Web tracker Net Applications in April. This is not a significant increase from last month as Windows 8 had 3.2 percent share in March.

Preview release of Windows 8.1 and the retail release of Intel Haswell based processors in June should somewhat accelerate the adoption of Windows 8 in near term. What do you think?

Source: Netmarketshare

  • the person

    if you are still using WIndows XP you are an idiot. AT LEAST upgrade to Win7 and be less of a luddite.
    Windows 8 now has more market share than the latest version of Mac OS. that is LOLers.

    • Adrian

      I have one machine that video lags with Windows 7 so I use XP on it. My other three have W8 and W7

      • the person

        they you have crappy video drivers from your card provider, not a fault of Windows 7

    • PoohGQ

      Actually China is to blame for the high Windows XP percentage. If they were to upgrade to any other Windows I believe it will be Windows 8. Just give them another 12-24 months.

      • Scott Humble

        Would be nice if that were true but I think XP usage is fairly consistent worldwide. On average, I see at least 50-60% XP from one end of the country to the other. Many of them don’t realize how much productivity they are losing by not prioritizing adoption for Windows 7 / 8.

        • PoohGQ

          There was a chart about a month ago showing Windows versions worldwide usage. China has by far the highest usage of Windows XP with close to 80 or 85%. You have remember they also have close to a third of world’s population. I hope someone out there can help me locate that chart (either on Neowin, TheFurge, etc.).

  • leoniDAM

    I don’t agree that is not a significant increment, Windows 8 has a growth rate of about 20% mounth on mounth

    • newyorkcitymale

      Good point.

      Besides… yes, we all know that Windows 8 isn’t selling as fast as Windows 7 did, BUT… Windows 7 isn’t declining either. That wasn’t the case with Vista.
      The reality is that Windows 8 is best on a touch-device. The public gets that. So they’re not rushing out to upgrade until they buy a new touch-device.

      Europe is practically in a recession (12.1% unemployment) and the US isn’t doing a whole lot better.

      According to Strategy Analytics (last week), Windows 8 tablets grabbed 7.5% market share in the last quarter. The iPad LOST 15 points of market share. Those numbers are just as important (if not more so) than this number. In short, Windows 8 is thriving in tablets (or so it seems), and that’s exactly what it was designed to do.

      • Bugbog

        I still don’t think enough Win 8 devices (on Touch) have filled the necessary retail channels for General Availability! Or have the needed size OR price points yet.

        Win8 Touch devices have yet to arrive at any significant ratio, that would then seemingly be enough to cause the average new purchaser to upgrade to touch; still less than 5% Touch / 95% Non-touch!?

        As it is, the only people seeking out Win8 devices are those that specifically want them. Once the touch/non-touch ratio hits 30 / 70, I’m veritably certain there will be a significant uptick in purchase!

        • newyorkcitymale

          It was just revealed that Apple sold 7.5 million full-size iPads last quarter. Meanwhile, there were 3.4 million Windows tablets sold. That’s pretty impressive.
          There were 12.5 million iPad-minis sold.

          • Duel

            3.4 million windows tablet? this site says “Microsoft, which is a focal point for many in the tablet space, entered the top five for the first time as shipments of its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets combined for a total of nearly 900,000 units.” or 1.8 million if you look another chart.

            Far from 3.4 million.

          • Cylton Collymore

            Windows tablets =/= Microsoft tablets. Acer, Lenovo, hp, dell sell windows tablets.

          • Tips_y

            The article is talking about Windows 8 while you are talking about Surface RT and Surface Pro (those are part of W8 but not the whole of it). No Wonder you have difficulty learning how to use Windows 8 if you can’t even differentiate one from the other.

          • Duel

            Check the other chart like i said, 1,8 million is win8+surface.

          • Tips_y

            This particular IDC report is on W8 tablets, which includes W8RT. You’re obviously not aware (since you yourself confess to having difficulty learning it) that W8 has several other form factors which does not fall under the category of tablet and therefore falls outside the purview of this IDC report.

      • h3man

        Don’t give me that Europe is in a recession bullshit without obviously knowing what you are talking about. Yes our official statistic says that we have 12,1% unemployment in Europe and in the the EU an average of 10%. But do you know how we calculate those numbers? In the US the BLS just calls 60000 households, interviews them and compares that data with the Net Birth/Death Model. Some funny facts: If you worked one hour per week you are not unemployed. In 2012 47,7 million people got foodstamps. Thats 20% of all private households in the US. Or compare the average household debts. Average credit card debt: $15,204 Average mortgage debt: $148,818 Average student loan debt: $33,005
        In Europe the average household has 72,490$ debts compared to 197,027$ in the US.

        To make a long story short: if we would calculate the US unemployment rate like we calculate the european unemployment rate the US would have between 24 – 29%.

    • Alex

      Thing is Windows 7 is so good that there is no pressing need to upgrade to Windows 8. Windows 8 is almost a victim of Windows 7s success.

  • Duel

    No surprise, win 8 is horrible. Well it might not, but when u have got used to all the other windows and used them whole your life, you dont want to change that usability which you know very very well.

    I used my brother laptop which have win8 and i was very frustrated because everything what i wanted to do need new learning.

    First impression is most important and when average guy/or woman goes to store test win8 they going to laugh, be frustrated and angry because what microsoft did. You cant change something so familiar this much.

    When someone upgrade their web design and layout people are very pissed of because they have used to that layout even the new usually is better. And that only webpage, microsoft did something much bigger NO NO NO.

    • axled

      Give me a break … 20 minutes to learn it. My 5 year old can rock through my Surface Pro, and you are telling me it was SOOOOOO awful for you to use W8? Hit the desktop button and voila there’s Win7. If your so stuck XP put a sheel on it and make it look like XP.

      • Duel

        Yeah I think its much easier for your kid, he doesn’t have years windows usage behind. When you have done things sameway for years, you want to still do it sameway. It ruins your work flow if you need to do things differently and need to learn to do same things but different way. People doesn’t have time and they don’t want to learn new things. I would say if Win 8 would have been first windows it would sell like hot cakes.

        That’s why people doesn’t want win 8 because it feels weird, it kind a feel familiar but when you start using it you are lost.

        • krayziehustler

          Bullocks. By your logic the entire world would be on XP or even Windows 95

          • Duel

            Nope, win xp, vista and win 7 all works just same, win 8 doesnt, so its not same.

          • krayziehustler

            Wrong. Vista/7/8 have the same start menu indexing where you press Windows button and start typing to look for programs. That is the fastest way to launch a program. The only difference is Win8 made the Start Menu bigger and added functionality.
            Don’t talk about the Desktop because that has been improved almost 100% from XP to 8.
            XP is the oddball with the archaic start->programs->folder->folder paradigm

        • Jordan Smith

          I don’t buy this. I’ve been using Windows since 3.1 and I had ZERO problems learning Windows 8.
          Hint: Windows Key + Type what you want. You will find anything you need.
          I see the problem as the interface being too simple. Giving some people too much freedom with a hybrid interface. This is a good design idea, but to most people feels disjointed and confusing. I prefer it over Apple’s approach however where you get this and if you don’t like it, too bad.
          At least with Windows you have some freedom to use what you like. Don’t like Modern UI, don’t use it. You still have all of the benefits of the desktop plus the performance enhancements that come with Win8.
          It’s people’s resistance to learn anything new which I just can’t relate to. Guess what, things change. Better to adapt and learn IMO.

  • Martin Spierings

    As the WP8 statistics showed from Net Applications: i think they are way off once again. Not really sure if those stats are worth mentioning anymore

    • Iain Simpson

      yes Net Applications numbers are not that reliable to say the least. I think the number is actually higher than what they are reporting. Steam just released there stats and gamers are at 11.8% already. They released numbers for wp yesterday which seem like they are in left field with there low numbers.

  • Truthhz

    If people use a Win 8 app instead of a browser, I’m guessing they won’t show up on Net Applications tracking.

  • ZappyKins

    I think the biggest hold back is still new hardware. The new Intel chips should help, and possibly a Surface Pro 2.0 with a much improved battery life.

  • Aman Bhullar

    I am a bit confused about these numbers because all the list OS are traditional pc OS so does that means the numbers from hybrid devices such as surface pro are not included?

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should release FREE Windows XP SP4/Vista SP which is actual basic version of W8 so that they can get a taste of W8