Windows 8 Retail Packaging Design Revealed

Microsoft still plans to sell Windows 8 via retail stores in boxed packages. Along with Windows, Windows Retail packaging also evolved over time. With Windows 8, Microsoft has designed a simple and beautiful retail packaging as you can see above. Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro can be clearly distinguished with different colors.

Do you like this new design?

Source: The Verge

  • frocen

    Nice packaging!

  • Alex F.

    Very nice!
    And I love that it is just “Pro” and not “Professional”.

  • John

    I don’t like this version of box. Need more references to “Windows 8 Apps”. What about the drawing, nothing to talk about it.

    • matttm7

      There is no need. People who are going to be purchasing windows 8 like this are already have an idea of what they are getting). It’s not going to be sitting next to a box copy of linux or mac osx for them to compare operating systems. And most features will be listed on the back anyway. Its simple and looks good.

    • NamedGuyNoName

      C’mon, does a reference to Apps really draw you to Windows? How about a cool picture of something orginal like, uh, Angry Birds, or maybe they can put Yelp! on there so that people know they can find reviews on their PC.
      Is all about the Aesthetic.

  • Hicham

    Love it! microsoft nailed it…

  • Arun

    I love it! brilliant work MS…..

  • Bugbog

    This’ll be pretty hard for Google to ’emulate’?!!

  • Naga Harish

    Like super pack

  • David

    Looks like real Windows!!!

  • Kieran Russ

    Am I the only one who thinks this is the most hideous
    design? is windows 8 being released in the 80’s?

    • Jim S.

      Tend to agree it’s not very modern looking

    • Kieran Russ

      I have thought about it more and even checked to see if there was a chance this was fake. There is nothing new about this design there are different colour boxes for the versions With the current windows logo on the front as per win 7 and XP.

      The only stand out item is the multi coloured mess, which is exactly what windows 8 isnt. windows 8 is clean and modern with straight edges and linear shapes, how does this mess represent this?

  • IamDefiler

    Horrible. It looks like an 80’s music video threw up on a box. I love Windows, but this is bad.

  • sgaar

    Who cares? You are bying an OS not a cardboard box. It would be more interesting to know if it will be a DVD and a memory stick.

  • grs_dev

    costly, unecessary, backward, simply doesn’t embody the whole point of Windows 8 and the reimagining Windows theme.

    I would have hit the message home by plastering on the box something like

    8 generations of technology

    billions of users

    any device
    endless possibilities
    1 OS
    Introducing Windows 8

  • jeff

    don’t really care about the box, it’s whats inside that counts