Windows 8 roaming profile means your settings on any computer

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The Windows 8 roaming account options have been revealed, and it seems if you link your Windows account to your Windows Live account you can look forward to taking your desktop wallpaper, accessibility and language settings, application settings and search settings and also taskbar, explorer and mouse settings to any new computer.

Users will also be able to take their saved WIFI and website credentials with them, meaning your saved passwords will travel with you from computer to computer.

Combined with Office 365 and its cloud storage, it means for many scenarios users will be able to go from computer to computer with each one being near identical to the last.

The settings will also be sensitive to network speed and cost, which is pretty considerate.

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  • Anonymous

    I am glad to see MS taking some of those enterprise features we sysadmins have enjoyed over the past decade and finding a good way to implement this for home users. I am really hoping that there will be an implementation for debs to be able to save application information in a user’s skydrive and thus allow for game states or even just saves to be loaded from the cloud. Desktop profiles and files are nice, but I really would like to see sync’d messenger conversations across a unified messenger for all platforms withe even support for Android, IOS, and

    • Windows8 user

      you can redirect your my documents folder ti point at your skydrive cache folder by editing the properties of your user/documents folder to the skydrive path and achieve exactly that. (skydrive installation required on each pc you roam between)

  • Travis New

    This. Is. Awesome!