Windows 8 Settings page shows what the tablet UI will look like

Windows-8-Devices-Control-PanelWe have seen hints of Metro around Windows 8, most strongly in the start-up screen and the set up pages, but this above video of the Windows 8 Settings page is the fullest implementation so far.

It does still however fall short in providing the full multi-panel look, but hopefully this is just an early stage of the development of the OS.


  • rsgx

    Not gonna lie, that horizontal scroll-bar looks messy – in fact so does the whole thing.

    But, as a starting point it’s coming along nicely.

    • Anonymous

      Remember it runs at only 640×480 (so far the only resolution available for unlocked immersive experiences)

  • Todor Tsvetkov

    Metrooooo <3 😛

  • Rebbe

    I think the resolution on the screen is too small so you cant see all the panels at the same time… without scrollbars.. Thats why it looks so messy…

  • Doministry

    Metro looks nice on phones but on this video it’s so crappy.

  • Cristiano Pimentel

    Why not use the “tabs”!? Would make the space of screen much more usefull!

  • Nando Ganser

    Oh, C’mon… scrollbars???? square screen?? this can’t be real, both things are from the ’90s. Nice Metro look but very bad applied if they pretend to use scrollbars… even a mouse cursor if it’s “tablet UI”

  • ScrewAndroid

    Not user friendly to me…. Too troublesome to switch panels to and fro just for setting some settings.

  • Mark

    Yuk. I really hope that’s the rough UI cut.

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