Windows 8 Start Menu Replacements Pokki And Stardock Announces Millions Of Downloads

Microsoft removed the Start button from Windows 8 for the good, but still many people want it back. Since Microsoft is not providing any solution to bring back the old Start menu, 3rd party software like Pokki and Stardock are taking advantage of that.

Today Stardock’s Start8 got updated to v1.1 with many improvements and features such as multi-monitor support for the Start button, custom places support, additional languages, and more. Stardock also announced that over 3 million people have downloaded their Start8 software since launch.

Here are some of the new features added in the new release:

•Added drag & drop including rearranging items in the all programs tree.
•Added rename support in the tree
•Added feature : Folders pinned to the startmenu allow you to view the first X items as a jumplist
•Added opening Winkey+X menu option instead of start menu
•Added feature : Custom places locations. Add a Dropbox location for example.
•Additional language support

Pokki, another start menu replacement has announced 1.5 million downloads since its launch. Even Pokki team have updated their software with new update bringing Improved app/program search, new theme support, refreshed layout and design and more.

Check them out in the source links below.

Source: Stardock, Pokki via: Neowin

  • Windows 8

    Well to each his own, but a positive factor in this still is that around 3 million downloads have been reported by stardock and some from Pokki etc, so a majority is still not using the start button !
    this is a silver lining. and as the touch based devices become more available and are being used then the need of this will go down further.

  • Breakingillusions

    so 60000000 – 4.5 million= Microsoft win

    • TrickyD

      And then there’s the fact that if you were that intent on getting a start menu back you would try out all the options to see which you prefer. How many downloaded both? Most I would guess. I think you could probably just take 60,000,000 – 3,000,000

    • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

      some doesn’t know about this option and many can’t buy it due to money issues or other reasons. so your math is not perfect.

  • grs_dev

    Hey there are some out there that still think classic cars were better built than modern ones. The PT cruiser sold like hot cakes simply because it represented nostalgia.
    I say enjoy…

  • PhilVoid

    So, can I recant my one download that I tried for a week, then uninstalled because I grew to like how Windows 8 works by default? Or, will I be forever counted as a ‘download’ statistic?

  • IIMurphaII

    I still prefer StartIsBack. Whilst Start8 is slightly more refined, it installs extra services. StartIsBack has been getting updates lately though. Best of all, it is really, really cheap.

    Having said that though, I do not dislike the Start Screen, I just found I wasn’t using Modern UI apps enough to warrant the need for it.

  • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

    isn’t this a hint to Microsoft that people hate metro style because it’s fukked up.

    • krayziehustler

      No. Just a hint that ppl are stubborn and hate change. Even when it’s a good one.

      • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

        no, even rude people like yourself should know that change is not equal good, especially such a stupid unnecessary change like metro style that has absolutely no sense. Microsoft is already crying a river, but obviously it’s a bit too late. Whit windows 8 microsoft with it’s own hands killed pc era. maybe that’s what it was. a killing.

        • krayziehustler

          Really? No one was being rude but to each their own.
          The change was NECESARRY as touch screens are the future and MS already tried Windows Tablet and touching a small Start Button with pen or fingers just doesn’t work. This is where the large tiles come into place. With the added benefit that they are also easier to click on using a mouse and very easy to navigate using a keyboard (W8 has more keyboard shortcuts than W7)
          This is also a great move because Ecosystems are the future and MS, with Windows 8, is already 2 years ahead of the competition. How can Apple and Google compete when we are running full x86 in our pockets and Windows Phone & Windows become 1 OS to rule them all? Yeah such a stupid change by MS

  • jimski27

    Just pin ProgramData>Microsoft>Windows>Start Start Menu to your Taskbar and be done with it. No need for Xtra software to clutter up your desktop.

  • jimski27

    Just pin ProgramData>Microsoft>Windows>Start Start Menu to your Taskbar and be done with it. No need for Xtra software to clutter up your desktop.

  • VJ

    There are other alternatives people are using as well.
    1. Creating the programs list as a task bar (free. 2 minutes to set up)
    2.ClassicShell on (free download) as well as other free downloads

    Look at the comments for Windows 8 on MicrosoftStore. We don’t need to shoot down ideas but review them and suggest improvements to the current design.

    I would like to see the task bar visible in the Windows 8 start screen. This would give me indication of notifications from Desktop mode applications (IM, Outlook etc) and other alerts which my Desktop mode applications.

    I would also like some kind of categorization for the Sub program list. I have so many Application tiles on my start screen and i am not sure which program it belongs to. (All Apps mode does the categorization)

  • Blachlock

    I always said that MS should have left the option to use the Start Menu or not, leaving the choice to the user. I am a developer and I live on desktop and I find that though I like the start screen, since I am in the desktop 95% of the day I want the start menu back.
    MS removed the option trying to force a chance on the user, when they should have simply asked the user during the configuration if they wanted to enable the start menu.
    I bet one of the first UI changes done to Win 8 is the start menu choice is enabled. All of the code to allow the start menu is still there, it was forcibly suppressed by MS.