Windows 8 Store Crosses the 2000 App Mark: Still A Long Way to Go


With the up-coming release of windows 8, increasing numbers of a wide variety of apps are becoming available to download from the Windows Store; from National Rail Enquires to classic games like checkers.  However, there is much ambiguity surrounding the number of apps actually available; according to McAkins Online, the number of apps in the Windows Store is 1,634, whereas states there are significantly more apps available, which is currently 2,079. 

Although Wes Miller at is a Research VP at the third party analyst company Directions on Microsoft, McAkins Online has been keeping a close eye on the numbers of Windows 8 apps for many months, in addition to publishing detailed descriptions of the app categories- suggesting McAkins Online could be the more reliable source.  We can not be 100% certain of the number of apps available, since each source may not have included the desktop apps in their figures due to the fact they can not be directly downloaded from the Windows Store.

Windows 8 users can look forward to choosing from 307 games from the app store; making games the most vibrant category out of all the Windows 8 apps.  In addition to this, it is expected that the majority of these games are free of charge- with 83% of games currently being free, which is down from 89% on September 19th.  Fortunately, the small number of Windows 8 apps published is rapidly increasing over the course of the 33 days before Windows 8 is released on October 26th. 

Now only 248,000 apps to go to match the Apple iPad. Hopefully that 400,000,000 Windows 8 devices expected to be sold in a year will help bridge the gap!


  • Sunovavic

    They need 1 really big game to start with like Halo or one of those Blizzard games like Diablo III or Starcraft II or even WOW! I think one of these games = 100,000 iPad app.

    • Zyta

      they are getting really good Xbox live games. maybe not the most famous titles but still blazblue is amazing, and getting it in WinRT sounds really nice.

    • sumedh kumar

      Very true.. Few big games in the store will be awesome. People need to realize windows 8 tablets / slates / whatever can do more than iPad can dream of.. Its time they let go iproducts and take a look around.

    • Bugbog

      I have a feeling that on Oct.25 Keynote event they’ll announce a host of big name releases. One striking occurrence is that Medal of Honour: War-fighter is being released on the 26th of October.

      Coincidence? I think Not!! :)

      At the very least I believe that Nvidia and Unreal will have something cool for us to play with. :)

      • Sunovavic

        I really hope so! Can’t wait!

    • Glasslov

      well its Windows 8, remember its a new platform, i was just Reading about the Xbox live titles announced for launch, and people “halo halo, real games blablá” i mean, those 40 games announced like blazblue, hydro Thunder, Jetpack Joyride, etc etc… they are just the start, i cant say we will get halo since its a selling point for Xbox consoles, but really good games will be released with time, its not like they will launch WIn8 and stop there.
      People complain about Halo, or CoD not coming in those 40 Xbox live titles, but its like tjhey think a game is developed in 1 month, no, it needs time to be developed.
      anyway I dont think Blizzard games are that great, but if there will be Blazblue which is old, but amazing fighting game, we can see better and awesome games in coming moths. you need to give it time, game developing its not like “drag and drop” engine and “build game” and submit to Win8 Store.

      • Sunovavic

        It’s been over a year since they announced and released preview of the OS and these games already exist and not really starting from scratch so it shouldn’t take that much more to port the games over.
        I know it’s just starting out but it’s good if they start really strong. Plus I’m not complaining, just wishfull thinking.

  • bnlf

    hm..they are not in win8 RP, right? because i have no more than a couple dozens on my store atm

    • Bugbog

      Nope! Only in RTM store!

      • mikelo90

        thank goodness! I thought there’s something wrong with my pc or something :)

  • ras1979

    the RP has a restricted view of the Store. You need RTM to see more.

  • Tommy Lindegaard Nielsen

    I would be cool if MS also made a non-RM store – for x86 devices – where could find the millions and millions of normal Windows programs. It would be cool if there were a central for all those! Especially if trial versions where included and everything were arranged in categories as with the normal Droid/iOS/WP7 stores.