Windows 8 store showing good growth, now 3,600 apps in store

RunRate-10-3-2012, which has been tracking the growth of the Windows 8 Store, reports that the market has now reached around 3,610 apps, increasing by about 118 apps per day. The store crossed the 1000 app milestone in early September.

The growth puts the market on track to about 5,000 apps on launch day, a rather small number compared to the 250,000 claimed iPad apps, but much more than the 2000 iPad apps the tablet launched with 2 years ago.

The majority of the apps, at around 88%, are free, with Microsoft recently talking about new advertising initiatives for developers to monetize these apps.

There are more than 1,837 developers represented, with big names such as Asus, AT&T, Amazon, BMW, eBay, NBC Universal, Toshiba, and Viacom among them, but also a large number of individual developers.

The majority of the apps are games (18%) and 94% of the apps work on both ARM and x86.

Read more detail at here.


  • Justin Peters

    Nice, i hope there are some great apps availeble when i buy my new Surface on the 26t 😀
    BTW, will Office be availeble for Windows RT?

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      Office 13 (preview) is included in Windows RT :)

      • Life is Good

        Amazing. Wake me up in a day when there´s anything useful available, W7 apps store was trashstore and I have my doubts same might repeat with W8 😉

        • lol

          How bout you check out the store yourself instead of being a fag.

        • Thomas Bundgaard

          Windows 7 doesn’t have an app-store you moron. Go troll somewhere else.

        • David V. Kimball

          What W7 apps store? Are you on something?

        • harchestr

          He is just drinking some hater-ade

      • Jens

        Office 13 in Windows RT is not an full Office.
        Some main functions of Office Suite are missing.
        As i know no Outlook and no Powerpoint.

        • WixosTrix

          PowerPoint is included.

        • mikelo90

          It is full office, only without Outlook. Just like Office Home & Student edition has no Outlook, which is included in the Office Professional editions

  • Breakingillusions

    good news its growing fast

  • jrtorrents

    growing very fast .. but I want more quality apps instead of quantity . if they can get even a quarter of the top 100 iPad apps that will be great ! but first they show fix the apps store. its horrible.

    • ikissfutebol

      You don’t need most of the top 100 iPad apps. And most of the top downloaded iPad apps are games.

  • Oli

    18% is not a majority. That was poor maths….

    • Ian

      Majority was probably not the best word, but they just mean the percentage for all other categories is much smaller than 18%.

    • disizhell

      %18 is highest percentage for one category, all the other (single) categories have smaller percentages than 18

  • Martin Spierings

    Lots of new apps, but i doubt i wanna install more then 1% of it. Haven’t seen anything interesting lately

  • vcfan

    theres a huge selection of apps and games that are not showing and wont be there till launch. those are being held intentionally right now.

  • willdoors

    I can bet 3500 are RSS readers like in windows phone marketplace!…. I will only buy my surface PRO to run my x86 apps on this new microsoft ipad!