Windows 8 tablet UI to be demonstrated next week at AllthingsD conference?

METRO_Ballmer-Tablet2Trying to drum up some excitement around the company, Microsoft is opening up their kimono quite a bit recently.

The company will demonstrate Windows Phone 7.5 tomorrow, and is now expected to reveal the secret tablet UI of Windows 8 next week at the D: All Things Digital conference where the head of Windows and Windows Live Steven Sinofsky will be presenting.

Winrumors suggests that Windows 8 for tablets may be released much earlier than Desktop Windows 8, which should allow Microsoft to get into the game much sooner than the normal desktop OS cycle would normally allow.

The Windows 8 tablet UI is expected to be heavily inspired by Windows Phone 7, with heavy usage of the Metro paradigm.

  • Anonymous

    Hot ! 

  • Ricardo Dawkins


  • Paul

    It better be great and ship earlier. Because iPad and Android are now way ahead, and HP is promising today that their solution is going to be far better than Apple’s. 

    • Anonymous

      HP is dead. Their tablet is already out, and hasn’t made a splash at all. Nobody has, not Google, not even Apple.

  • Garen Yöndem


  • Aceofspades25

    I swear, if it comes with tiny scroll bars and other midget UI elements (windows 7 for tablets) instead of page drag scrolling it will go down in flames.