Windows 8 Task Manager UI Revealed

Naiveruser from MDL Forums revealed the task manager UI in Windows 8 M1 7850 build. He created a 32bit value “TaskUIEnabled” and set its value to “1” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TaskUI and run taskui to view the above UI. The

Source: My Digital Life Forums Via: Alicans35

  • Anonymous

    Ehh… ok…

  • Mads Føhns

    I don’t think it’s finished.. Why not use pivot style (from wp7) to navigate between programs, starup and users?

    • Anonymous

      it could be a “skeleton” UI and actually be a pivot style. this could be their camoflauge way of hiding the true UI incase it got leaked.

  • Anonymous

    “Modern Windows Task Manager”. I like it.