Windows 8 To Come With News, Travel And Sports Apps From Microsoft

In Windows 8 Consumer Preview, we found some pre-installed apps from Microsoft such as Weather, Maps, Finance etc,. which are powered by Bing. According to Winunleaked forums, Windows 8 Release Preview will include even more apps from Microsoft such as News, Sports and Travel. I’m sure that News and Travel apps will be powered by Bing and Sports may be powered by Bing and MSN together.

What do you expect from these apps ?

Source: winunleaked

  • Vincent Haakmat

    It’s starting to look like a finished product. The CP AppPreviews were horrible. But being a dev myself I didn’t complain because I knew they were more placeholder apps than anything else. I’m looking forward to port one of my apps to the Metro UI

  • Anonymous

    im looking forward to see the changes they made to all metro apps especially people, mail and music
    as for the new apps its most welcomed im interested in news app

  • Anonymous

    At least you can expect the maps-section to be well executed, as it is Nokia who is providing the maps :) 

  • Anonymous

    My most anticipated improvement to W8 Release Preview will be the tweaks to handle multi-monitor setups.  But more useful metro apps will also be a huge plus.  I can’t W8 for the RP :)

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to an amazing Windows 8 Release Preview. Microsoft is making all the right moves with Windows 8!

  • Timothy Gamble

    Will be checking out People, Xbox, Music, Messaging, and Photos VERY closely.