Windows 8 to feature Metro-style built-in PDF viewer


Coming across a link to a PDF is always a pain, with the hassle of waiting for Adobe’s slow PDF viewer to load and suck 100% processor usage.

It seems those days will soon come to an end, with Raphael Riviera from WithinWindows finding a native PDF viewer in their leaked build of Windows 8,

The note the viewer uses the Metro UI, includes a scrub feature, and a back button which makes it easily to jump back to the last viewed section.

Of more interest is that the app features the new AppX packaging, which bears strong similarities to the XAPPs used in Windows phone 7, suggesting we will eventually see cross-over applications which work on both operating systems equally.

Read more at WithinWindows here.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I see more stupid and unecessary EU anti-trust litigation with this move, sadly.

    • Anonymous

      Frankly it’s about time for MS to be doing more of this stuff- the EU will have to back off eventually or persue Apple for the same reasons- Mac OSX has a PDF viewer built in, why shouldn’t MS?

      But yeah, somehow I think you may be right, damn EU.

      • rsg1

        MS is going to be brining their A-game in the next year or so. It’s really going to be awesome.