Windows 8 To Feature “Xbox Windows” Branded Games

Just like Windows Phone Marketplace has Xbox LIVE games, Windows Store in Windows 8 will have “Xbox Windows” branded games with Achievements support. Windows 8 will come with classic games such as Solitaire Collection, Minesweeper and Microsoft Mahjong that will offer up to 50 Gamerscores. Even 3rd party games like Wordament will come with “Xbox Windows” branding. Apart from Achievements support, Windows 8 will also have Xbox Smart Glass App, Xbox Avatar support, etc,.

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements via: Eurogamer

  • the person

    Xbox windows? that doesn’t roll off the tongue well…and sounds quite kludgy actually.

  • Milad Bazzaz

    yawn…what was so hard sticking to one naming scheme? (XBox Live).

    Xbox Windows sounds dumb and I’m sure in 2 years Microsoft will realize it and rebrand it once again.

  • Anonymous

    Ah just another way to screw indie developers by segmenting them out and giving direct focus to their partners and themselves. Just like windows phone.

    • Bugbog


  • Alex Hooren

    If you look at the game tile it doesn’t really say it’s going to be called “Xbox Windows”… it’s more like a sub brand “XBOX: Windows”. To go along with “XBOX: Arcade”, “XBOX: Kinect”, “XBOX: Windows Phone”, “XBOX: 360”

  • lx23

    Now that’s messed up. I really wonder who makes decisions when it comes to naming products coz Microsoft is really not good at it. In this instance they put two names which come from two brands with a different set of characteristics. That’s really messed. Sorry guys, I’m a marketing dude and this just sounded an alarm. What they should have done is use the might of the Xbox brand to enhance a section of windows. We all know windows are mainly operating systems. The Xbox is a console that is becoming an entertainment device. Use the attributes of Xbox to enhance windows. Not need to mix them. Especially not in this case.

  • BorborygmyDebacle9